Saturday, February 22, 2014

Mac VS PC — Good Reasons Why I Still Choose PC Over Mac

I have recently been noticing people who use the Mac for their music production and I was wondering why I haven't switched over to using a Mac already since I am just as artistic and stylish like them, and have done much music-remixing and video-editing myself.

The music band Aqua is considered to be technologically-advanced in their early days, their music videos made in 1997 were shot in the widescreen format that is very common nowadays.

Perhaps the main reason I haven't switched over to the Mac is because the Mac just looks too 'happy'. Such a quality is really not the best inclusion for writing non-fiction. I often write non-fiction political and spiritual writing and I always felt that the care-free happy-looking design of the Mac would distant me too far away from the harsh ugly reality, it would be like a culture shock trying to switch back and forth between the two realities. What people say about writers thriving in misery is true. Misery provides deep contemplation that goes on to provide inspiration.

Anyone remember this fairly old movie posted on the left about a writer being kidnapped by a miserable insane woman? And he manages to create great writing during his ordeal? Yeah, that's the kind of restricted misery I am talking about for writers to thrive in their work.

The other reason why I use the PC would be that the good Mac accessories can only be found at a Mac shop. And like true computer geeks, I dislike inadequate support. More accurately, I dislike the lack of adequate support for getting me firmly tied down to my writer's misery.

People reading this would now have a greater understanding why true-blue writers would use PCs and not that merry-go-round fruit novelty called the Mackintosh. PCs provide the lengthy reminder of the cruel harsh reality while the Mac is just similar to some carefree-inducing toy found at Toys R Us — the place for kids living in a perfect world filled with colourful Teletubbies running around hugging one another.

Star Trek demonstrates the divide between the PC and Mac very well. The Federation who uses their bright and happy designer-style computer interface is the equivalent of the sophisticated Mac users.

Sadly, the equivalent of the PC-users have gone extinct in that future time period and can only be found when the Enterprise warps back in time.

I bet many Mac users feel that the PC is just too ugly and dull to match their stylish and minimalistic home deco, but are too sophisticated and politically-correct to never mention it out loud.

Really, the blocky PC design can stand out too much from stylish furniture and deco in the wrong way. It also looks quite rugged and intimidating just like some armour shield thingy being used to fight battles and intimidate opponents. In fact, most hardcore gamers who fight online battles use the PC, the very-functional and scheming people from the corporate world also like to use them.

The guy in the following video should have used a Mac monitor with more rounded edges instead.

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