Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Pictures I Took with an Artistic Toy Camera

This post is for proving that I am indeed as artistic as I claimed to be in a previous post where I wrote about Mac vs PC and why I still choose to use the PC even though I am an artistic person. So I am providing the proof(my burden of proof) in case some people do not believe in the existence of my artistic talents.

I decided to post the nice artistic pictures I took a few years ago when I had my very first camera that also happened to be a toy camera — the type of camera that artistic people often use to take artistic pictures. The camera was a Chinese-Japanese toy camera called the Yashica F521 that deliberately did not have the anti-motion control so taking clear pictures was a challenge. I have since sold it because I wanted to try other types of cameras with focusing lenses. Perhaps I will get a new camera soon to take new pictures since I have recently started blogging.

This is my flickr account.

Here are the pictures..

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