Friday, March 7, 2014

A Quick Explanation of What Karma is

I just want to do a quick write out of what Karma is. I think I have written about this before but I want to mention it again.

When a person does not understand something and has gotten emotionally distraught by his/her ignorance of that thing, then there is Karma. The feeling of a restricting/blocking emotion is a reflection that there is ignorance of that thing and therefore the Karma of the person getting stuck to that situation is present.

Because the person's soul did not get to understand that certain thing while it is in human form, the soul will desire to relive that same experience again by wanting to incarnate into a similar situation. The causes the need for incarnating back into the physical Earth plane to try to fully experience that same situation without a repeat of the resisting ignorance and the blocking/restricting emotions. A situation can be fully understood when there is no false preconceived notions that gets in the way of seeing the big picture.

People's Ego Gets in the Way of Seeing the Truth

The reason why people take a long time to evolve in their spiritual development is due to their exaggerated sense of importance that makes them not want to give in to other points of view in perceiving a certain situation. They think they know best, and they think their way of seeing things is the best way. However, if they are wrong, then they will not be able to perceive certain things in in the bigger picture and in full truthfulness, and therefore they cannot understand that thing fully and will remain emotionally distraught and affected by that thing. Since they cannot understand that thing fully, they cannot move on from it and that is why they are stuck in their spiritual evolution.


Many spiritual students think that they can ascend simply by avoiding to face and understand certain worldly things. They assume they are too 'good' and too 'pure' to get their hands dirty to associate themselves with certain worldly things. However, because they did not get to experience and understand certain worldly things that they seek to avoid, their soul is not able to advance in its desire to understand the human reality properly. Their souls will therefore desire to return to the Earthly plane to attempt to experience the things that they missed out on.

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