Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Higher Realization of the True Nature of the Higher Dimensions and How to Ascend to Them

I just came to the realization that the extra 2 dimensions in the 5th dimension is not of some physical thing but are 2 extra mental qualities that allows one to be free of the 3rd dimensional qualities of Time, Space and sense of Self.

A dimension does not only have to be related to the physical space but a dimension can also be related to a mental space.

The Current View of the 3 Dimensional Qualities is Not True

The normal perception of the three dimensions that make up the 3rd dimension are that of Length, Breadth and Height.

However, in higher more truthful perspective, since we are perceiving in the Creator's mind state, there are no real physical length, breadth and height dimensions, but only the imaginations of such qualities.

The real qualities of the 3rd Dimension are not Length, Breadth and Height. What we are experiencing now are not physical but are mental projections from the Creator's mind.

Therefore, what is real in this 3rd dimension is the mental projection within the Creator's mind that forms the illusion that we experience. The mental illusion is the only real thing, it makes up the perceivable real '3 dimension qualities'.

Within this illusory experience, we are the characters that hold the illusory perspective of the Self(sense of being a limited/imprisoned character within this illusory holodeck experience program), we hold the illusory perspective of Time(progression of change within the experience) and we hold the illusory Perspective of Space(multiple places within the experience).

So therefore, the 3rd dimension is not actually composed of length, breadth and time. But it is composed of just illusion.

Extra higher Dimensional Qualities Allows One the Extra Freedom to Exist Outside the Physical Dimension Qualities

I have heard of how some people describe the 5th dimension to be free of time and space. So perhaps the 5th dimension is not a place of having extra dimensional qualities being added to length, breadth and time, but the 2 extra qualities are 2 extra mental dimensions that allows one the 2 extra mental detachments from the current 3 dimensional qualities.

The extra 2 qualities that can provide the soul/character in the 5th dimension are the qualities to perceive outside of Time, Space and sense of Self.

Therefore the higher dimension qualities are not physical in nature but are mental dimensions(extra dimensions within mental thought) that allows one to mentally venture into such extra non-physical dimensions when one is existing at the higher 5th dimension.

Such mental dimension would allow one to detach and exist(and navigate perhaps) outside of the physical qualities such as Time and Space.

How to Ascend Out of the Physical Dimension to Less Physical Dimensions

The souls choose to stay in the physical 3rd dimension illusory reality because of their need to experience the physical reality. Until it has completed its experience, it would not be able to possess the expanded consciousness perspective to move away from the physical 3rd dimension reality.

Souls that have karma are hindered by emotions that slows down their perception of the bigger truth reality, the bigger picture.

Emotions are created from the feelings of physical restrictions made up of the qualities of Time, Space and sense of Self.

If the souls can overcome the emotional barriers by overcoming the physical restrictions to perceive the bigger true picture accurately, they would be free from being stuck at a certain stage and not be stuck at experiencing certain physical restrictions repeatedly for a long time.

Souls came to the physical plane to experience physical restrictions that causes emotions, once they have finished experiencing such physical restrictions, they would naturally be free of them and they can move on or ascend to experience higher/other dimensions that do not have such physical restrictions on them.