Sunday, March 2, 2014

Smart Touch-Typing Technology Could Deem Laptops, Macbooks and Chromebooks Obsolete — Tablets to Dominate Portable Computer Market

The world could soon witness a drastic decline in physical keyboards for both portable and home computing devices, due to a new touch-screen keyboard technology that delivers a super fast typing experience without sacrificing accuracy.

Website for the dryft touch screen keyboard

The guys who came up with this new invention also created the touch screen keypad already found on existing tablets. The technology does require an accelerometer in hardware to work its magic, and therefore will not be available as a simple software download. This hints of possible hardware modifications in future tablets on the market.

With the possibility of physical keyboards getting phased out in the near future, we could witness the drastic diminished popularity of current-style laptops, Macbooks and Chromebooks in both workplace and schools.

Wireless keyboards could also be replaced with super slim touch-screen keyboards. Laptops, Macbooks and Chromebooks that come fitted with such newer keyboards would become even slimmer and lighter.

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