Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Planet Earth Has So Much Unresolved Karma(Unlearnt Earth School Lessons)

Dolores Cannon said that the unresolved Karma of Earth people is the reason why people keep on making the same mistakes over and over again, leading to the destruction of civilizations over and over again throughout history, due to never-ending greed for power.

There is a reason why people hold on to the same level of frequency/perspective and vibration/clarity that led to the same mistake over and over again. That reason is due to the practice of singling out individuals to blame them. Because people blame too much and get emotional, they are too distracted from perceiving the bigger picture to become more spiritual.

All is Part of the Whole

The physical reality works as a whole. Every part is part of the whole and is not to be blame for anything. For souls/people to only perceive individuals to be blame, they do not have a high enough frequency and vibration to perceive the big picture of reality working as a whole. Their small minds can only perceive individuals to be the ultimate cause of any undesirable experience.

Religions of Blame Created By Small-Minded Souls

Such small-minded people are the primitive barbarians who created religion that has Gods to punish people through karmic retribution that would send souls to hell. We all know which religions are the most retarded ones. These religion continue to promote to massive amount of small-minded people to single out individuals to blame them for anything undesirable. Such people are the constricted small-minded and fearful people who want to quickly blame others and remove the source of the ugliness from their reality as quick as possible.

Angry People Who Like to Blame Would Join Religions That Promote Blaming

The small-minded people believe in these silly religions very easily due to their low frequency and vibration that is reflected in their naivety, stupidity and ignorance. They think that reality works by having a punishing God to punish people who gets in the way of other people's search for happiness. That's it. Such small-minded people think that reality is just so simple. They can rely on their God to blame, hate and punish the ones who gets in their way of searching happiness. They don't have to lift a single finger nor to look angry. They can remain looking falsely gracious to look like a nice person in order to get to heaven. They are not harmonious people but are fake hypocrites.

People Not Thinking Beyond Their Religion

Many egotistic people with exaggerated self importance and exaggerated intelligence think they know about it all about reality so they don't have to think beyond their silly religion. They remain brainwashed and ignorant of how reality really works. They assume that life is about the search for happiness, and it about the fight within good and evil. And if something goes wrong, they can simple blame the person to hell. Their God will take care of the dirt and they can go on living their lives to search for fake happiness.

Many believers would not open their minds up to understand more of reality but they would only follow their religion's practice of hatred and blaming. They think that God will send evil people to hell and good people to heaven. They don't have to think anymore about how reality actually works. This is why many people of the planet Earth are kept at the same level of ignorance leading to their unresolved karma(earth lessons). And they would have to experience the same Earth lessons again. History would repeat itself.

Blaming Closes the Mind and Prevents Understanding of Earth Lessons

Whenever something undesirable happens, they don't think to realize why and how certain things happen the way that they are in order to learn the Earth lesson. They simple close their mind off from thinking and only allocate blame to the persons involved in the undesirable situation.

When the blaming of someone of the blaming of the self is practiced, a person's consciousness is focused on using restriction to punish the person or the self being blamed. When one is doing this, one is feeling too emotionally distracted to feel the emotions of anger/hatred/guilt/regret/depression, and is not able to perceive the bigger reason for why the person/self committed the action that led to the blaming. The person is not able to learn about a particular aspect of the nature of reality. Therefore, as that experience is part of the many life lessons of the Earth school, the person practicing the blame would not understand more about the nature of reality and ascend to a higher experience.

Even Modern Societies Promote Blaming

We know that the societies of Earth likes to practice blaming of people such as criminals. We also know that many religion likes to blame people, especially the stupid religion that promotes karma law, brainwashing stupid simple-minded people into believing that people can be punished by a God for doing certain undesirable things.

A good example is the breakout of war. People like to focus blame on others and get so angry to the point of starting wars that kill innocent people, instead of seeing the bigger picture. Some countries are greedy and want to take resources from other countries. And the other countries retaliate by fighting. This endless greed and violence goes on and on because people seek the gaining of materials for the meaning of life, at the expense of killing the planet with the constricted energies put out from such people.

Because many people got influenced by religion and society to practice blame, this is why many souls on Earth has much unresolved karma that keeps them repeating their same Earth lessons again and again at the same level of experience. Such souls/people will only not get to learn their Earth lessons but would only get to keep their unresolved karma. These souls will not get to progress in the Earth school quickly but would take a long time.

How to Stop Blaming and Start Understanding

Dolores mentioned an example of someone having karma for hating another person for something being done to him/her. And she said that the method to resolve the karma is to get the person to realize if he/she has learnt anything from it, rather than just focusing on blaming the person.

People should understand the bigger reasons for why people commit undesirable things. This will help them learn about the nature of reality and fulfill their Earth lessons.

Why Do Bad/Undesirable Things Happen on Earth?

Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do bad things happen at all?

Kids often ask these questions when they are growing up. The answer is simple. Earth school is a place for souls to learn lessons about the physical nature of reality in ascending levels to increase/expand consciousness/awareness. And bad/undesirable/dysfunctional experiences can reveal much about the characteristics of the nature of reality.

Only broken things can clearly reveal their insides. Things that are intact and unbroken can hide away their inner characteristics.

Through experiencing such bad/undesirable/dysfunctional experiences, souls can get to learn much about the physical nature of reality to expand their awareness/consciousness.

Earth school is a place for souls to expand their consciousness. If only good/desirable things happen all the time, souls would not get the opportunity to learn about the nature of reality to expand their consciousness(frequency and vibration).