Friday, March 7, 2014

Why Fake Spiritual People Often Assume Spiritual Concepts in Opposite

I used to wonder why many people often assume many spiritual concepts in the opposite, now I have the explanation to explain why they do that.

Associating Spirituality with What One is Most Familiar with

Many people often assume the various spiritual concepts in opposite because they assume that having more quantities of the lower frequency worldly qualities would make one more spiritual.

Since most people are low frequency people perceiving in their low frequency perspective, what they assume would usually also be associated with the low frequency. If they would to imagine what spirituality is, they would have a high chance of associating spirituality with low frequency attributes as well.

Example 1) The low frequency superficial spiritual students assume that to be spiritual, one has to only seek the pleasant and avoid the unpleasant. This is low frequency thinking because the soul desires to experience and understand the unpleasant things in reality.

Example 2) They assume that one has to be spiritual by doing yoga, which is just being caught down by associating spirituality with the physical.

Example 3) They assume that to be spiritual, one has to not point out and correct people's faults effectively. This is actually a low frequency worldly form of indifference and cowardice that superficial people often do to stay popular in their social circles.

Example 4) They assume that spiritual people can only look old and worn out because they associate wisdom to come with physical age. However, they only perceive age as in current human age rather than the age of the soul. They do not realize that the soul has already lived many lives before its present human life and its spiritual wisdom is not based only on its current human age or appearance.

Low frequency people cannot understand what high frequency spirituality is because they are still perceiving from their low frequency superficial self-assuming perspective.

Therefore the low frequency people often would assume the opposite of many spiritual concepts because they assume them with the low frequency superficial materialistic things that they are used to.

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