Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why 50% of marriages fail

Here is why 50% of marriages fail--

Men's idea of marriage:

Women's idea of marriage:
wedding gown
financial security
emotional support

Many women want much more out of marriage than many men can or want to give. This is why 50% of marriages fail. It does not take a genius to figure this out.

Update June 13th:

See what I have been talking about?:

Japanese woman asks for divorce after husband asks her what's the big deal about Frozen

"A woman in Japan is looking for a divorce because her husband is not a fan of Disney’s Frozen."

This case involves the lack of romance and emotional support.

Friday, May 30, 2014

X-Men Days of Future Past: Logical Explanations for Various 'Plot Holes'

This post has major spoilers for the movie.

I have seen the movie and saw many questions online on why certain things in the movie happen seemingly without logic, which seem like major plot holes. I thought of the possible reasons to fill up those holes and listed them all down.

Questions and my answers:

How did Professor X come back from the dead in a wheelchair?
He might have been able to get into Phoenix's mind just before she tore him apart at her childhood home. He programmed/controlled her mind to use her powers to reassemble his body together somewhere far away from the house. Someone spotted the newly reconstructed but wounded Xavier and sent him to the hospital to get treated and wrapped up. Since the memory of his body is one that cannot walk, the reassembled Professor X would also be wheelchair-ridden.

Why does the future Wolverine have metal claws when those got cut off when he was in Japan?
The young Japanese woman that went on to inherit her grandfather's fortunes and become Japan's most powerful and richest woman, might have used the technology and the adamantium left behind by her grandfather to fix Logan's claws as a way to repay his help and restore his 'honour'. The Japanese are good sword makers and they would have no problem fixing Logan's metal claws.

What powers do the Sentinels have from the mutants?
It was mentioned that a scene where Rogue’s power got taken from her to be used for the sentinels was cut from the movie. This is why the sentinels are able to absorb mutants’ powers as well as different mutant immunities to such powers. Charles said that the sentinels are able to adapt to any mutant’s power with the help of Mystique’s DNA, which might mean that the sentinels are able to hold on to the power and immunities from any mutant DNA that was introduced to them, which is why each sentinel can have multiple mutant powers. Mystique’s power might also have been used by the sentinels to disguise as humans so that they could go undercover and attack mutants with the element of surprise. This is similar to the Terminator movies where robots can take on the form of humans by touching them and assassinate in human disguise.

At the end of the movie, how did Logan end up at the school with the main X-Men team back together?
The process to sent Logan back in time to correct the past was successful just when the Sentinels invaded the room where Kitty Pryde was working with Logan for the time-travel mission. Once Kitty Pryde stopped the procedure and Wolverine got severed from the past, the new reality took over in that moment in 2023 and it was a new reality where the school did not face the major problems found in the previous movies. Since mutants are more evolved than humans, they might age much slower than humans so the X-Men would still look pretty young in the final scene.

In the new reality, the young Professor X would have known of the mistakes done in the previous timeline when he accessed Logan's mind such as the mistake of restricting Jean's subconscious when she was young that eventually led to her demise. He chose not to do that in the new reality therefore Jean did not lose control of her mind and therefore did not kill Scott. This is why both of them are alive in the new reality. Jean's striking red hair colour might mean that she has the full powers of Phoenix.

Why did the Major’s eyes turn yellow when he was in the same room as Mystique?
He was probably another shape-shifting mutant that has the same interests as the government. Mystique asks him who he is in the beginning of the movie, hinting that he could be a mutant in disguise as a military officer. The major as seen in the closing scene probably was not Mystique.

Update June 1st: One more question and answer:

How did Rogue get back with Iceman even thought she didn't get to take the gene suppression shot? 
She got the bald headed boy to hide under her bed whenever she and iceman decided to 'get it on'.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Super effective weight loss tip #1 -- use coconut oil and milk for thermogenesis

Coconut milk and oil is not fattening but has been scientifically proven to reduce body fat through thermogenesis. It is also anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. Fat is needed to be consumed with every meal as it acts as carrier for fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

Research has found coconut oil to be able to induce thermogenesis for effective weight-loss—

Combined medium-chain triglyceride and chili feeding increases diet-induced thermogenesis in normal-weight humans.

Postprandial thermogenesis in lean and obese subjects after meals supplemented with medium-chain and long-chain triglycerides.

Research on the nutritional characteristics of medium-chain fatty acids.

"Medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) have attracted attention as part of a healthy diet, because they are absorbed and transported directly into the liver via the portal vein, metabolized rapidly by beta-oxidation, and increase diet-induced thermogenesis."

Research that found coconut oil to be more easily absorbed compared to other oils composed of long-chain triglycerides—

Weight-loss diet that includes consumption of medium-chain triacylglycerol oil leads to a greater rate of weight and fat mass loss than does olive oil

Overfeeding with medium-chain triglyceride diet results in diminished deposition of fat.

Medium-chain fatty acid nanoliposomes suppress body fat accumulation in mice.

Medium chain fatty acid metabolism and energy expenditure: obesity treatment implications.

Coconut oil is not unhealthy 

In Sri Lanka where coconut oil is consumed as the main dietary fat, the country has the lowest death rate from ischemic heart disease.

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) in aging and arteriosclerosis.

"The Demographic Yearbook of the United Nations (1978) reported that Sri Lanka has the lowest death rate from ischemic heart disease. Sri Lanka is the only of the countries giving reliable data where coconut oil (containing over 50% medium chain fatty acids) is the main dietary fat."

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Study: Females who ate most liquid sucrose and liquid fructose faced above-average chance of dying

This recently published research study re-enforces my previous assumptions that high intake of glucose can lead to higher effects of glycation(destruction of the endothelium and accumulation of plaque) and therefore lead to higher risks of ischemic heart disease. This study finds that glucose and fructose consumed in the liquid form can more readily lead to increased risks of dying particularly from cardiovascular disease.

Study: High Fructose Intake Linked to Slightly Higher Risk of Death

"those who consumed lots of liquid sugar—from sodas, sports drinks, juices, etc.—had higher odds of dying of any cause (from cardiovascular disease, in particular). Why? It could be because sugars from beverages are rapidly absorbed, resulting in significant blood-sugar spikes, the scientists say."

"While this study just proved association, not causation, scientists do have a theory: Fructose produces "advanced glycation end-products," or AGEs, which may damage the walls of your arteries, encourage bad cholesterol to hang around"

"You don't, of course, have to give up fruit, which is a staple of any well-balanced diet. But you may want to cut back on your intake of other sources of fructose: fruit juices, soft drinks, preserves, applesauce, dried fruit, and candies."

5 Smart Steps to Cut Down On Sugar

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just got a new camera

I just got a second hand camera, a 12 megapixel Canon Powershot SX130 IS Superzoom. It takes great pictures and can also shoot HD movies in 720p. I think Canon is one of the best few camera brands, another good brand being Nikon.

I got it because of an increasing need for picture-taking such as the Braun Buffel art competition, and also because I want to take pictures of food that I cook and also to showcase special foods when I eat out. Maybe I will do some food reviews for this blog.

I initially wanted to get a camera 4 years ago mainly to film my arcade performance for BattleGear 4 Tuned but the previous toy camera I got had very poor video quality. However, this current one can shoot in 720p HD.

My entry for the Braun Buffel Art Competition -- check it out at the Esplanade

Here are pictures of my entry in the Braun Buffel art competition that took place last Saturday at VivoCity.



All the 83 figurines from the competition will be displayed at the Esplanade Upper Concourse Area from 16 May (Fri) to 15 June (Sun), and ION Orchard Atrium L1 from 24 July (Thu) to 30 July (Wed).

My entry is titled "Unwavering Spirit". The depicted curves symbolize the unwavering spirit of the Braun Buffel bull.

I used a thick impasto painting technique to create texture similar to Van Gogh's post-impressionist paintings. I used expressionism to convey mood and emotions with the highly distorted curves and some heavy colours. The red-orange cadmium colour in the front of the piece is inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream. The colours found in the back of the piece are inspired by Van Gogh's The Starry Night. The front side shows day, the back side shows night.

I originally wanted to use oil paints that have creamier consistency and more subtle colours but they would take 5 days to dry, so I switched to using acrylic colours that would dry faster but look more striking. I only had 3 hours to finish up both sides of the figurine so I could only do so much, I didn't even had the time to fix some mistakes. I mixed almost all of the colours.

I just did a check today and saw that the figurines done by the participants of the competition are already displayed at the Esplanade, someone has posted a picture of my figurine at Instagram. I think I will go down one of these days to check them out and take some pictures.

Update May 22: I remember a song by Rihanna called "Diamonds" that was playing at the competition while I was painting the figurine. I checked it out on YouTube yesterday and found out that the images and themes of the music video so coincidentally fit with the ones of my figurine(I prepared my idea weeks before I heard the song on that day). The horses' figures in the music video are so reminiscent of the ones seen on my figurine, it was no doubt that I kept playing the video feeling amazed at the stark similarities.