Thursday, May 15, 2014

My entry for the Braun Buffel Art Competition -- check it out at the Esplanade

Here are pictures of my entry in the Braun Buffel art competition that took place last Saturday at VivoCity.



All the 83 figurines from the competition will be displayed at the Esplanade Upper Concourse Area from 16 May (Fri) to 15 June (Sun), and ION Orchard Atrium L1 from 24 July (Thu) to 30 July (Wed).

My entry is titled "Unwavering Spirit". The depicted curves symbolize the unwavering spirit of the Braun Buffel bull.

I used a thick impasto painting technique to create texture similar to Van Gogh's post-impressionist paintings. I used expressionism to convey mood and emotions with the highly distorted curves and some heavy colours. The red-orange cadmium colour in the front of the piece is inspired by Edvard Munch's The Scream. The colours found in the back of the piece are inspired by Van Gogh's The Starry Night. The front side shows day, the back side shows night.

I originally wanted to use oil paints that have creamier consistency and more subtle colours but they would take 5 days to dry, so I switched to using acrylic colours that would dry faster but look more striking. I only had 3 hours to finish up both sides of the figurine so I could only do so much, I didn't even had the time to fix some mistakes. I mixed almost all of the colours.

I just did a check today and saw that the figurines done by the participants of the competition are already displayed at the Esplanade, someone has posted a picture of my figurine at Instagram. I think I will go down one of these days to check them out and take some pictures.

Update May 22: I remember a song by Rihanna called "Diamonds" that was playing at the competition while I was painting the figurine. I checked it out on YouTube yesterday and found out that the images and themes of the music video so coincidentally fit with the ones of my figurine(I prepared my idea weeks before I heard the song on that day). The horses' figures in the music video are so reminiscent of the ones seen on my figurine, it was no doubt that I kept playing the video feeling amazed at the stark similarities.