Saturday, June 21, 2014

What I think is the reason for the huge surge of vegans in Sweden

I heard someone in a vegan Facebook group talking about the huge surge of vegans in Sweden, and I thought about the reason. It seems like the reason is found in a blog post I recently wrote.

Even Ikea is going to introduce vegetarian meatballs very soon. I have seen the meatballs at Ikea but could not eat them due to my preference for vegan food, but now I can finally try them.

IKEA Will Soon Serve Vegetarian Meatballs

One in ten Swedes is vegetarian or vegan, according to study

Here is what I think to be the reason for the surge:

I think the main reason is the lack of religion in Sweden, which does not constrict the people in thinking for themselves. This means there is less mind control and brainwashing, and therefore less resistance for any positive new ways of living.

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Insight: S2014 Ep8 - Changing a Mindset

I believe the main thing that is restricting many people from going vegan is cultural and religious mind control and brainwashing. Nations that have very few religious people are the ones that would embrace new ways of living much faster than other countries.

For India, perhaps their strong vegetarianism is due to religious and cultural brainwashing and mind control, rather than the people thinking for themselves on how is the best way to eat and treat the environment.

The Swedes are a more caring and supportive group of people compared to many other groups of people in the world. They face less resistance in going vegan compared to more aggressive groups of people in other countries. (China is also seeing a rise in vegetarians)

The recent rise of vegan products in Sweden gives them the opportunity to finally change their diet for the better.

If you go to the Swedish vegan group on Facebook, you can see them discussing many new vegan products such as textured vegetable protein and vegan cheese that seems to be relatively new to some of them.

Vegetarianer och Veganer i Sverige