Sunday, September 14, 2014

Has certain races of humans gotten too intelligent too quickly?

The genes of humans have been reported to contain unknown alien DNA. It suggests to be true of a theory that the human race emerged from a mix of ape and alien DNA. However, has this possible artificial evolution of the human race been proven to be too much too soon for the human race to handle?

In the IQ score report of different races worldwide, East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews are found to have the highest average race IQ compared to Whites who have higher average race IQ compared to Blacks.

A look at the recent world history saw the western nations created 2 world wars. The Whites enslaved lots of Blacks out of greed. The Japanese joined in WWII and enslaved many countries in South East Asia. The US destroyed much of Afghanistan harming lots of innocent civilians, countless of their soldiers suffered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and many committed suicide. Recently, the middle East used weapons created and supplied by the western nations to fuel their wars. North Korea has constantly been testing its nuclear weapons threatening to attack South Korea and the US. China also threatened Taiwan with military action due to its One China policy. Russia and Crimea started fighting each other with modern weapons.

Just like the misused of nuclear energy, it seems like the intelligence of humanity has also been greatly misused for supporting mass violence. Perhaps the artificial evolution of the human race has proved to be too much for humanity to handle responsibly.

The movie Planet of the Apes is a movie that clearly showed how the misuse of technology led to the self-destruction of the human race. And the lower IQ apes eventually took over and ruled over the humans. It seems like humanity is heading towards a similar direction. The modern western nations might destroy themselves and the aborigines and the indigenous people of various nations would remain intact and be the future of humanity.

If all of humanity still had the 'intelligence' of the Aborigines, Indigenous people, and the Blacks in Africa, perhaps the world would be a much peaceful and caring place.