Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Thoughts about Lucy, the Movie Starring Scarlett Johansson about a woman who gets to use 100% of the brain

The movie perpetuates the false myth that a person can be more intelligent simply by utilizing a higher percentage of the brain at one time.

It is not that a person can be more intelligent by simply using more portions of the brain at one time, but actually it is to get the different parts of the brain(the neural network that spans across the brain) to work in better cooperation with one another. This is why having a brain's neural network to be heavily wired in a more efficient manner is the real reason for people to become more intelligent and evolved rather than just having a bigger brain mass.

It has been said that the brain has logical and artistic sides being the left and right sides respectively. So if people can get these two parts of the brain working better in cooperation, they would be able to perceive a bigger picture of reality and understand it at a much higher level.

The movie Limitless where the main character gets to have his brain's neural network to become more organized and efficient that helps him to deal with his problems is a more accurate reflection of how the brain works.

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