Monday, February 9, 2015

A post about the soul's purpose on Earth

This post is taken from my Facebook spiritual group
Know Thyself and Return to Soul: Way of True Ascension & Enlightenment

(Group Update Feb 9th) Just a Thought: The Human Experience As One Big Encrypted Chunk of Data Being Decoded by Souls

After watching the movie The Imitation Game that is based on the true story of how Mathematician Alan Turing helped to crack the Nazi's Enigma code during WWII, I began to realize that the information about this human experience is somehow embedded in a code that only souls who have gained experience living life on Earth would have the ability to translate and uncover the actual meanings of different things. Perhaps the Source/God needed souls to come to this human reality so that we can help to decode the human experience into understandable information for the Source to understand.

For example, the Source can't possibly realize how it feels like to eat something on Earth unless there is a soul in a body on Earth to eat and translate the experience into meaningful knowledge for the Source to know. 

Repeated code patterns emerge again and again

The human experience feels like experiencing rare as well as repeated code patterns in one large existential space. If you have experienced the tell-tale signs of someone lying to you, you would be able to experience it happening again and again within the large space. if you have tasted something, you would know how it would taste like even if it is found somewhere else.

Perhaps the Matrix movies were right in showing how the human experience is like a huge space of codes. 

Souls as decoding agents

I feel that the reason why souls keep on reincarnating on Earth is to fulfill the purpose to decode the most complex levels of human experience. They probably fail at the beginning as their human emotions got in the way for them to understand objectively the true meaning behind many things. So they try to complete their purpose by reincarnating as a human to try again. 

For me, I strangely feel that my life purpose is to decode the human experience into understandable knowledge. If you think of it, what the soul can bring into the afterlife is exactly such things, they can only bring decoded human experiences back to the soul plane. And the way souls decode the human experience is exactly like how the code-breakers in The Imitation Game movie do it, by connecting related elements and then work from what is already interpreted to uncover the entire chunk of information.

The human experience is one large unknown encrypted chunk of information that requires billions of souls to work to translate into understandable information.

Souls in Extremely Contrasting Roles

Souls get placed in various extremely contrasting roles to decode each experience, which is why how people live in extremely different kinds of lives, some as pop stars, actors, others as school teachers.

I think that souls all work at their own level to decode the human experience into something tangible to understand. Some got lost while some souls ventured onto the spiritual path to attempt to make sense of the human experience. 

Extreme challenging roles open doors for ascension

Some roles might be extremely challenging for a soul to decode while staying objective, which may be why an advanced soul would fill in the place. Other roles might be much easier to experience. The more challenging the role, the more the soul and Source can get to know the human reality better. The role might be needed to fulfill so that a higher level of experience can be accessed. Once completed, that soul in that challenging role would open doors for other souls in the next higher level of experience, which is how "ascension" is brought about.

How long will the decoding take?

This unknown is something shown to occur to the decoders in the movie. But when the code is decoded with something already translated, the decoding will take a much shorter time.

Sometimes I question when will this task be finished(at least for interpreting the 3rd dimension), because there is no feedback as to how far souls have progressed in this huge task. Many people have the innate desire to know when all things will come to an end, perhaps this is why many suspected 2012 to be an end date. 

I think that souls who have realized their purpose would proactively help other like-minded souls to decode and make sense of the human experience.

Hazardous stops in the decoding process

Many people simply live life to experience the simple things, and they get afraid to progress further, which could be what prevents them from ascending? Not many people in this world are willing to cooperate to work together. Many get stuck with decoding emotional-related issues and cannot progress further. Those who can see through such problems would get to move on.

Relationship links represent the meaning

What you can see in the Imitation Game movie is that the decoders circle links between different letters to form a 'menu'. This is then used to decode the coded messages further. I find that this is exactly similar to how meanings are represented in their relationship links with other things. For example, the meaning of a computer would be perceived to have links between a screen to a keyboard, mouse and CPU.

Establishing the wrong relationship links create wrong meanings

Souls who are biased in their human perspective would no doubt get stuck while those who become objective will be able to go far. The way they get biased is to establish unrelated links between 2 things by comparing them. By doing this, the actual links remain undiscovered and the non-decoded meanings are not understood.

The meaning of something is established from its relationship links to other relevant things. If people are biased and see the wrong kind of relationship links, they cannot perceive the right meaning. The right meaning can only be perceived when the real actual links are perceived connected together.

Get the meanings right by being objective

I feel that training oneself to practice the true meaning of Love, which is to accept all circumstances and perspective as natural and existing in their own singular way. This way, the soul can be unbiased to uncover the real actual links that form the relationship meanings of various things.

For example, many people link homosexuality with a perversion. This is the link that they found and relate to. This relationship link might be something brainwashed into them from religion. However, for people free from such brainwashing such as me, I am free to perceive homosexuality with links to the cooperation of the masculine and feminine qualities.

I am able to successfully decode the enigma of Homosexuality and uncover the hidden meaning behind the reason for its existence. I can therefore pass on this decoded information done while I am a human being on this planet, on to the Source who is residing beyond this plane of existence.

Is God that All knowing?

Even though the Creator or God might get to see the entire human reality like a big picture, it would need souls to come to Earth to live as humans to get the individualized perspective focused on the finer level. People have thought that God is all knowing but this may not be true. God might know some but he may not know the rest. If God has not lived the lives of every single man and woman on the planet, how would he know what they feel and think? 

Do you think what I say is correct? Or do you have another perspective for the purpose for souls to experience being human?