Sunday, February 8, 2015

Music Rewind Weekend: Songs about Love

Oh great! Another new American singer who looks just like David Archuleta that sings 90s pop!! God really likes to recycle.

Such a talented pretty boy, so envious.. I already feel like buying him something. Btw, I have a white cat just like he does.

Every time someone sings a song about Love, I get into a deep thought about the common undefined definition of Love versus my definition that I think is the right one. My definition of Love is of unconditional acceptance, which is to view any circumstance and perspective as being normal rather than strange and unaccepted. I wonder if people are still holding the common superficial perspective of Love or have they evolved in their perspective?

This song is written by a Swedish songwriter. I have been a fan of Swedish songwriters since the 90s. I hope Austin sings more 90s pop.

This next song actually is the song that gives the best clue to the actual definition of Love according to me.

I discovered that Gwen Stefani recently made an awesome music video also about Love. The dance moves are so difficult, even her dancers have trouble with them.