Friday, April 3, 2015

My Delicious Power Carob Shake! (foamy Carobcinno)

water, micronised creatine monohydrate powder, L-Glutamine powder, taurine powder, calcium carbonate powder, pea protein powder(4 tbsp), carob powder(1 tbsp), sugar(60g), sunflower oil(100ml, 49mg Vit E), soy sauce(1 tbsp).

Carbs 70g/280 cal, fat 100g/900 cal, protein 30g/120 cal = 1300 cal

Don't attempt to make this recipe unless you use soy sauce and at least 50 ml oil or fat. The oil brings out the flavor of the carob while the soy sauce sharpens the flavor. The end result is something that tastes as good as store-bought chocolate mix. It kind of reminds me of Swiss Miss with Nesquik or something like that.

The glycermic index of the sugar is lessened with the presence of the fat and protein, and is much lower than that of fruit juice. There is no current evidence where sunflower oil is found to be harmful to the body. Cocoa is found to be toxic on the testes, carob is a good alternative.