Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Spiritual commentary about bisexual and gay people

I mentioned before that the soul wants to cooperate the masculine/aggressiveness together with the feminine/passiveness/submissiveness personality. It wants to achieve this cooperation because a cooperated masculine and feminine personality can achieve a great level of peace compared to being extremely aggressive or passive.

So the soul wants to achieve great peace by being with a passive woman if it is an aggressive male.

A straight male would find a passive/submissive woman to be attractive because the woman is able to help him neutralize his aggressiveness, so that when he and the woman are together, he can achieve a higher level of peace and flow/beauty by cooperating his aggressiveness with her passiveness.

This is why a straight male would never find another man attractive. Nor would a straight male find a gay man attractive. Because another straight man and the gay man are not passive enough to neutralize his aggressiveness.

When the soul moves on from a straight orientation where it relies on being extreme aggressive or passive, to a more balanced orientation such as bisexual or gay, the soul takes on a more cooperated state of the aggressiveness and passiveness. The soul would then be able to perceive from a more flowing and objective/unbiased state of being.

This is why straight men are felt(by me) to have a dominating/aggressive flow, and why bisexuals and gays have a more graceful and peaceful wider open-minded perspective and behaviour.

In a way, to perceive from an angle, straight men are kind of "ugly(imbalanced, unsmooth)" in their flow, and bi and gay men are more beautiful(smooth) in their flow.

Many straight people do not understand why bi and gay people behave the way that they do, and therefore they perceive them as being strange. They do not yet have the wisdom and insight to understand why there are bi and gay people.

A straight man would feel more compatible with other straight men, compared to bi and gay men. This is due to the different level of flow/beauty between them.

A straight man would be perceived by bi and gay men to be quite blocky and one-sided in his perspective as though he is behaving like an aggressive soldier robot who likes things rough. Simply put, bi and gay men would perceive the straight guy to be "ugly" and "uncultured". 

A straight woman can be perceived by bi and gay men to be like a burning fire that can get out of control, burning anything with wild emotional assumptions. This is also can be perceived to be ugly and uncultured.

The straight man's ugly blockyness can cooperate with the straight woman's ugly wild emotions to become flexible and flowing.

The straight people perceive bi and gay people to be weird in their level of beauty, while the bi and gay people perceive straight people as being not as evolved as they are. This difference is the reason why there is much conflict and misunderstanding between the two groups.

Many straight guys worried that bi and gay men would hit on them, but their fears are exaggerated. Because bi and gay men actually find straight men to be quite ugly and repulsive. It's only the movies that create such a false worry by showing gays to be hitting on straight men all the time.

If one would examine a bi or gay man carefully, one would observe that the bi/gay man has qualities of both a male and a female, he would have the aggressiveness cooperated with the passiveness. However, many gay men are still loop-sided and tend to behave in a very passive manner. Other "straight-looking" bi and gay men have such qualities in a more cooperated/balanced way.

There are straight men because the straight man desires to cooperate his aggressiveness with the woman's passiveness. They do not desire to be sexually interested in bi and gay men because they have the greater more primary/crucial need to cooperate his aggressiveness with lots of "100% pure passiveness" that can come from a straight woman.

There are bi people because they desire to cooperate their aggressiveness with passiveness, but they have reached a level where they begin to desire cooperating with a gay male to use him as a guide on how to balance the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self. This is why bi men desire to be with women as well as with men.

There are gay people because they want to use other males as a guide on how to balance the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self. This is why gay men desire to be with other gay men because they want to be with like-minded people who are also working to cooperate the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self.

The sexuality of the soul is not just about having sex, but it is about the work of the soul to cooperate the aggressiveness with the passiveness in order to achieve a higher level of peaceful and objective consciousness.

Sexuality in this way, has a lot to do with spirituality.

For one to move forward in this spiritual journey, one has to explore one's current sexuality and to fulfill the journey.

If one would to observe a bi or gay man who is successful in cooperated the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self, one can see that he is really peaceful and happy with himself and others. This could be why gay people are described to be gay/happy.

Many religious texts were altered by the then-ruling government because many people in ancient times could not understand this level of spirituality related to bisexuals and gays. The ruling priests therefore wrote in the religious texts to inhibit this form of behaviour because they did not understand about bi and gay sexuality and they could not resolve the strangeness that they perceived about it. They assumed that it could only lead to bad(restriction) and did not realize that it can lead to good(liberation).

Many straight people still do not understand when they see a gay man struggling to cooperate his aggressiveness with his passiveness, all they can see is a strange form of "sissyness", but yet they do not judge a "sissy woman" in the same level of judgment.

It all comes down to what straight people assume to be normal and what they want the perfect world to be. This desire for their own kind of straight perfection would only create lots of non-acceptance(non-love, hatred, intolerance) for the things that they find to be strange and out of place in their ideal perfect world.