Wednesday, July 27, 2016

NDE Experiences of Love

These two NDE videos from YouTube are some of the few that I believe to be quite true. The two people in the videos talked about the Love shown to them on the other side. The first one is a scientist and the second is someone that once abandoned Love.

Actually, I do believe in a Jesus-like being because I have actually experienced someone similar when I was unconscious. He was also dressed in a white robe and said that the immense anger I once felt long ago towards certain people when I was a teen would in the future be replaced by something white and perhaps it also represents the quality of peace and the objectivity found in innocence and Love.

I feel that if mankind has indeed sinned, the original most important sin would be that of the splitting of the feminine and masculine qualities, represented by the splitting of Adam and Eve, that when cooperated together is the foundation of Love. The feminine quality would be that of gentle passiveness, the masculine quality would be that of active aggressiveness. I think such a split of the dual qualities has led to the split of objective perspective that has led to judgmental non-Love also similar to non-acceptance and non-understanding, and therefore caused the multitude of sins that followed after.

If Mankind would to accept that they have sinned and in order to repent and turn from their sins, I think that they would have to acknowledge that their souls once separated between the feminine and masculine qualities that led to their other sins. And the other important sin that they should acknowledge is that they did not practice Love while in the Earthly existence.

Jesus represents the dual qualities combined as an example of Love, and also represents the child-like objective quality the Bible said to come from children. So I think that in order to get to Heaven, one has to Love people as Jesus did in that loving child-like state.

Once the soul has accomplished this, the original sin or the mistake that the soul has once created right at the beginning would be resolved by itself, and the soul would be able to return to Heaven or The Garden of Eden.

If people would simply to only say that they accept Jesus Christ as savior and go to Church, but know not of how to practice Jesus' way of child-like Love by cooperating the feminine and masculine qualities to Love in the child-like way, they would still not be able to fulfill the souls' mission to practice Love in this human existence, and they would not be able to return to Heaven.

In the Book of Genesis, there is the story of Satan tempting the soul by biasing it to think of an object(apple) as something to be good. It first got the soul to practice judging by getting it to think of something to be good(desirable to exist) or bad(undesirable to exist). In actual fact, there is no such thing as something to be 'desirable' or 'undesirable' to exist since everything is a cause-and-effect part of Nature and has its own place in reality.

If one gets biased to think of something to be good(desirable to exist) or bad(undesirable to exist), then consciousness is fragmented and one perceives the smaller picture and practices unfair discrimination by perceiving certain things or person to be more desirable to exist compared to others.

There cannot be Love if one perceives something to be desirable or undesirable to exist because Love is to accept everything as being accepted to have its own existence in reality, while not necessarily meaning that everything in reality is compatible for the soul to experience.

To Love might simply be to respect one's existence to be 'normal' or to be of a natural part of reality. This might seem simple but such would take massive cooperated qualities of feminine/passiveness and masculine/aggressiveness to achieve, by perceiving the bigger picture of reality and finding out why certain people act the way they did, or the cause of how certain situations came into being. To practice non-Love is simply to reject something to be undesirable to exist and to accompany such rejection with an emotion of disgust.

So for example for those who sexually abuse kids, we might not want them to be near our kids, but we can still Love them by accepting them to have their own place in reality. While the God in the Bible might perceive certain things or people to be bad(undesirable) to exist, I believe in an all-understanding and open-minded God that allows all kinds of people and situations to exist because every experience can offer a person the opportunity to understand reality and practice Love no matter how impossible it might seem.

Since the happenings in the Garden of Eden that might represent how souls separated from a wider perspective, the consciousness in mankind was split and biased to perceive things to be either good(desirable to exist) or bad(undesirable to exist). The ones who wrote the words of the Bible might also have been susceptible to such bias and unconsciously added in some of their own thoughts that reflected their bias towards certain things, a possible example is the perception of homosexuality to be undesirable to exist in reality.

The Bible might be a basic set of teachings, it might also have been altered by the writers' bias in perspective. You have to decide for your own self what is the real true nature of Love, whether it is the one taught by the Bible to reject certain 'undesirable' things to have its rightful existence in reality, or to choose another perspective of Love that is not limited to the distant past.