Thursday, September 1, 2016


LOTS OF SUCCESS GAINZ FINALLY!! I share with you my precious secrets for free in the hope that you can GAINZ your own happiness from bodybuilder!

I finally crossed the 70 kg(154 lbs) hard-to-cross barrier today. What I have been doing this past 14 days is:

-take vegan glucosamine
-take phytoceramides
-take aspartic acid
-take protein shake that contains digestive enzymes after workout and twice the amount before bedtime
-take pre-workout and post-workout drinks that contain BCAA, creatine, glutamine
-do a body-shaking routine after workouts and after taking showers
-take glutamine everyday(already started doing this before)
-take vitamin supplements(already started doing this before)
-do deadlifts
-workout 3 times a week, at least one day in between

vegan glucosamine - Many vegans might lose their precious glucosamine due to diet and it is always logically to fill the body up to its maximum storage of glucosamine more so when it is exerting itself with bodybuilding and fitness.

phytoceramides - People lose certain substance in their skin such as ceramides as they age. Taking supplements would restore the original amount of ceramides in the skin and gain the original volume of moisture in the skin causing it to look youthful.

aspartic acid - people lose testosterone after the age of 30 and helping to fill up the body with lost testosterone is only logical for gaining muscle and losing fat.

protein shake that contains digestive enzymes - certain digestive enzymes has been able to increase protein absorption by 10X. I took 2 servings of MRM protein powder(2 x 24g) before going to sleep when the body is regenerating itself and also when muscle production is at its highest level.

pre-workout and post-workout drinks that contain BCAA, creatine, glutamine and other stuff - I feel lots of energy and wakefulness before workout and I don't feel any muscle aches even after a day after workout.

body-shaking routine - shaking the body is one of the methods to treat traumatic soldiers coming back from battle zones. I tried just a simple body shaking technique and I feel like I just returned from a beach vacation for the entire day. Relaxing the muscles and body and reducing stress is a major factor for allowing the muscles to grow if you don't already know. Animals also do it frequently. Is this any wonder why Taylor Swift made a music video about 'shaking' off the hate from haters??? She probably tried an exercise to shake off her stress from a psychologist? Just stand  on the floor and proceed to bend the knees just a few cm down and then go back up again. Do this quickly and you will get to shake the whole body. Shaking causes a vibration that is similar to dancing, listening to music and singing that are methods for relaxation.

glutamine - this preserves the glutamine stores in the body that can run out during stressful times in the gym and from other areas. If left unreplenished, the body will take it from the muscles that will cause them to lose their mass.

vitamin supplements - this ensure the intake of all crucial vitamins and minerals on days when one forgets to eat properly.

Taking supplements is like buying health insurance. It ensures that in certain demanding times, the body will have all the backup supplies to sustain and push itself forward while not losing anything away. Not buying health insurance is to gamble with one's body. If one losses the gamble, one could wither away much of the body in the process and end up very insufficient and in 'debt'.

Many people think that they are already very evolved and that nature will take care of everything. But human evolution is not yet complete and perfect, we still have a long way to go in the path of genetic evolution. Humans evolve at different rate from animals. It does not mean that if an animal can do something then humans can also do it, this is thinking that humans are physically superior to animals when a human cannot even produce B12 like a cow can, nor can a human run up to over 100km/hr like a cheetah can. Egoistic people will think that they are already genetically perfect and will not seek help. And look what happens to such people? They will eventually lose the battle and their genetic weakness eventually causes them to drop at their knees by being less than they would have been if they would just accept the help that they can readily obtain from Nature.

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