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The Meaning of Life -- My Latest Higher Realization of the Soul's Purpose on Earth and the Criteria for Dimensional Ascension

The Purpose of Soul's Presence in the 3rd Dimension

Souls came to the lower 3rd dimension to experience low frequency and low vibration experiences. Since the 3rd dimension has low energetic frequency and vibration, souls who desired to experience it were needed to hold similar low frequency/perspective and vibration/clarity in order to properly experience the 3rd dimension.

Such low frequency and low vibration experiences in the 3rd dimension involves the need to hold on to various forms of limited mental clarity and perspective that would facilitate the experience of bias, various emotions, ignorance and stupidity. Low frequency and low vibration physical experiences would include experiences of limited physicality.

The Book of Genesis from the Bible has described this descension of the soul accurately with its metaphors, even though most of the Bible was edited. After Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil(I think this also means Bad), their level of consciousness lowered and they got to experience bias of 'Good' and 'Evil(Bad)', as well as took on individual separated consciousness(as opposed to group consciousness). This lowering of consciousness got them to realize their individual selves, as well as got them biased enough to realize that it was not 'Good' to be naked, they also got to practice Blame with their limited perspective. Because Adam and Eve's consciousness got lowered, they could not eat from the Tree of Life and live forever. With all the limitations set in place to experience the lower 3rd dimension, they were then cast out of the higher dimension as they were ready to experience the various low frequency and low vibration experiences of mental and physical limitations found within the 3rd dimension.

What Souls are Here to Experience

Souls are in the 3rd dimension to experience being biased of things that would cause them to feel them to be felt as good/desired and bad/undesired, which would allow them to feel various subjective emotional states such as happiness, fear, sadness, guilt, hatred that are caused by perceiving the smaller picture. They are also here to experience reality in fragments as opposed to perceiving it in the big picture, which would allow them to experience much ignorance, stupidity and foolishness.

When are Souls Ready to Ascend from the Human Experience?

Since souls are here to experience things such as bias of things to be 'good' and 'bad' and to perceive the small limited picture of reality to experience emotions, they would be ready to leave the 3rd dimension when they are no longer able to hold on to such bias of 'good' and 'bad', no longer hold on to separated consciousness(as opposed to group consciousness) but are able to perceive reality in the big picture.

Every human good and bad actions should be perceived to be all natural, normal and good/desirable to be experienced.

What Can Souls Do to Ascend from the 3rd Dimension?

Many people are only willing to perceive good things and are not willing to perceive the reason for why bad things occur. They shun the experience and acceptance of bad things and are not willing to understand the reason for why they occur. Because understanding the reasons why bad things occur in reality would complete the soul's experience of the human reality, it can expand the soul's perspective and clarity sufficiently to raise frequency and vibration of consciousness enough for it to ascend to a higher reality. Souls who shun such understanding of the bad would not be able to complete their human experience and would not be able to sufficiently raise their frequency and vibration to ascend to a higher dimension.

Strong Religious Bias of 'Bad' Keeps Souls From Ascending

Many fake superficial self-assumed 'spiritual' people shun the understanding of bad/undesirable things like lunatics on fire and they are only willing to express 'good/desirable' things. I think they were influenced to perceive spirituality due to the dogma of various religions that teaches people to only do and say good things and avoid the bad karma in order for them to make it to some heaven. But such religion-based beliefs are heavily biased, inaccurate, unscientific and limited in perspective, not forgetting stupid, ignorant and retarded.

I recently visited some Facebook groups related to spirituality, ascension and enlightenment and found the wall postings in all of them to be so full of false, shitty, silly and stupid assumptions of spirituality and ascension.

'Good' and 'Bad' things are natural occurring parts of reality, souls who are unwilling to accept the bad things as natural occurrences of reality are simply not allowing their consciousness to accept and to be aware of the larger part of reality. Because many fake spiritual people are not willing to be expand their consciousness of the bad and understand its true nature, they would not be able to expand their perspective/frequency and vibration/clarity sufficiently enough to complete their experience of the lower frequencies and vibrations in order to finish their human experience and ascend to a higher dimension.

In order to understand why bad things occur, souls must first resolve their bias of good and bad in order to perceive both as being totally normal. Many people reject their understanding of bad things like the plague because they perceive the bad as being very abnormal.

All forms of behavior are naturally occurring due to valid cause-and-effect reasons and therefore are all valid and normal. There are many superficial fake spiritual people who assume that people must cannot behave in 'unacceptable' ways and cannot use vulgarities, judge others or point out people's errors accurately. Worse still, they assume one cannot describe one's capabilities as being superior but must be humble/condescending of one's own abilities and cannot express honestly what one thinks--this is being so fake and retarded. They naively assume that one has to be charitable in order to ascend to some mystical heaven. Many silly monks assume that they can ascend just by avoiding certain human experiences.

These fake spiritual people are just biased to only wish to experience the 'good/desirable' things in life. Limiting their human experience to only experience happy things and reject bad things and suffering as being normal would only limit their consciousness from expanding.

Having a wide range of good and bad human experiences/behaviour are necessary for the soul to experience a complete wholesome human experience.

Unwillingness to Accept the Natural 'Bad' Creates Great Fear of it

There are many superficial new age spiritual people who are terrified of 'bad' things such as the Illuminati, reptilian aliens and new world order. All these are just natural as part of the lower frequency dimension experience. Because such superficial people are not willing to understand and perceive how such 'bad' groups are natural occurring, they perceive them as abnormal that need to be removed from reality as much as possible. This over-reaction only cause them to feel the feeling of abnormality/undesirability that makes up their fear. It is not that such groups can instill fear, it is people's over-reaction that makes themselves fearful.

Over-Attachment to One's Personal Perspective Creates the Bias for Karma

I have rethought Dolores Cannon's reference of Karma by the Source and I realize what it is really about. It explains Karma as being created from having children, that many people on Earth have it that prevents their ascension, and that volunteer souls have a sheath that prevents them from accumulating it.

The Source's Karma is like having a bias that keeps one limited to one's biased personal perspective. Having children causes one to hold on to limited perspective that involves taking care of children and prevents one from perceiving the greater reality. Souls on earth that have karma would be having bias that keeps them from accepting the 'bad' things as being normal and to understand its nature. Volunteer souls are objective and do not have the strong bias that many people on Earth would have.

It is perceiving the 'Good' to be normal/acceptable and the perception of the Bad to be abnormal/unacceptable that causes the great bias for Karma.

Many Volunteer Souls and Dolores' Practitioners Have Fell to Fear and Karma

Dolores said that the volunteer souls who came to Earth were invited because of their non-bias. However, many of them were not able to handle it and eventually held on to strong bias that make them sick that requires them to seek past life treatment. I have observed that many of Dolores practitioners even hold on to great fear and bias/karma. The 2 featured practitioners on Dolores website had to put copyright disclaimers on their blog having fear that people would steal their work that is not even totally created by them. I already told them that they are using the copyright notices wrongly but they still did not get it because they still hold on to too much attachment to their own perspective of being right and are not willing to entertain other people's perspective. I don't think they are ready to ascend soon so I just let them continue to do their silly BS. They even thought that I belong to some evil group.

They are many people who underwent past life regression and think that just because they came from certain council from some higher dimension, then they are automatically very spiritually advanced on Earth. Coming straight from the Source also doesn't mean that one's innocent objectivity would be immune to the heavy Bias/Fear and Karma found on Earth. They came to earth and many of them fell straight into the mud, and right into Dolores' therapy chair with their desires to commit suicide and other illnesses. They easily become fearful and biased enough to perceive the bad as being abnormal. They did not have a strong enough objectivity in their perspective but fell to Fear and Karma(attachment to self's perspective) just like the other souls on Earth who have much Karma. So I think some volunteer souls(if they are really so) do have Karma and Fear that are restricting their ascension and they might not be able to ascend to the 5D New Earth. Dolores did mention that there is a great risks for volunteer souls to get trapped on 3rd dimensional Earth.

Earth is said to be the most challenging school in the Universe, ascending from it is not as easy as many superficial and biased people would like to think, it is not easy even for volunteer souls. Many of them ended up in Dolores' therapy chair. Anyone who think that just because they are a volunteer soul and would automatically be spiritually advanced are just being naive. It takes great mental effort to expand consciousness well enough to ascend from the Earth school.

How to Resolve Karma — The Over-Attachment to One's Own Perspective

Since Karma is based on being to attached to one's own perspective to the point of being narcissistic and egotistical(exaggerated sense of self-importance), one can be free of such karma by willing to strongly perceive from other people's point of view in order to perceive the bigger picture of reality. Many volunteer souls are able to do this and become objective/unbiased but many also are not able to do this and got affected and contract serious illnesses.

I have also stated recently how some people who promote certain vegan diets are wrong in their overly-attached self-perspective. They think they are right as rain but are dumb and biased like hell.

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