Friday, March 7, 2014

The Answers on How to Create and Sustain Happiness Indefinitely

There are many positive psychologists doing many studies about Happiness in the world. But they often ask stupid, superficial, materialistic and heavily distracted people for their opinions on how to achieve Happiness that is why they usually get stupid answers from them that only takes them round and round on a wild goose chase to really understand the nature of Happiness.

If the positive psychologists would continue to rely on the research data from such stupid worldly people forever then they will forever never get to fully understand Happiness (so this is where I come in).

But at least the positive psychologists have gotten an accurate grouping of the different types of Happiness seen from Hedonic(pleasurable feelings), Eudaimonic(greater good), Chaironic Happiness(spiritual-based Happiness) and prudential Happiness(sense of flow).

Positive psychologists have been trying to understand what really creates Happiness, they have also been searching for the ways to sustain the feelings of Happiness in people by getting them to constantly feel positive about life.

The answers are actually very simple. I have mentioned before that the feelings of Happiness comes from the feelings that come from achieving liberation and feeling liberated from restrictions.

The way to get people to constantly feel positive about life comes from getting them to hold on to a kind of hope that something very liberating and harmonious will happen to them in the future.

When people hold on to such hopes of something positive/harmonious happening to them in the future, they would not be biased to focus on the bad/disharmonious aspects of life in their present but they would be biased to focus more on the positive/harmonious aspects of life. Since they think the future would get better for them, they would therefore start and prepare to increase the positive/harmomious liberating aspects of life in their present while minimizing the negative/disharmonious restrictions currently found around them. They would also focus on treating themselves and others with harmony while they prepare to experience their positive harmonious kind of life in the future. They would therefore be constantly sustaining themselves to feel positive and be happy by focusing on the harmonious and liberating aspects of life that would generate the feelings of happiness.

The level of harmony found in one's future hopes is related to the level of harmony being perceived and practiced in the present.

The Happiness set point of how people normally feel most of the time, can be therefore be changed with the kind of hope held for the future.

If people think that there is a God who would punish them for their sins then they would lead a life where they constantly fear doing wrong things. They would get influenced by the Bible to hate sinful people in order to get to Heaven so they will go on their fanatic mission to try to take down gay people because they thought such a behaviour is their gateway to Heaven. The Christian religion was distorted by the ancient rulers to control people's behaviour and lessen the misbehaving people, it has now only turned to a huge bunch of nonsense.

But if people think that there is an all-understanding and accepting God, then they would not hold themselves accountable for anything they choose to do. They will do what they want with their own lives.

If people believe such things as having the possibility to ascend to a higher dimensional world where they would become beautiful and wouldn't age, they would not be too caught up by the limitations of the materialistic world and influences of the nasty people because they know they would be able to get away from it all eventually and get to go to a beautiful paradise world of immense harmony.

The amount of liberation found in people's lives and the reminder of such would create the onset manifesting feelings of Happiness. People's daily level of positivity that comes from perceiving harmony is dependent/sustained by the level of harmony found in their future hopes.

There is a relevant video that supports what I wrote—

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