Friday, March 7, 2014

The 4 Factors of Happiness

Happy experiences arise when there are 4 factors present. And they are very much linked to the process of fulfilling one's curiosity:

1. The person has to be in realization of his/her already-abundant liberation/freedom,
2. must already be surrounded by qualities of compatibility/harmony/beauty/peace,
3. has to experience his/her curiosity of something being fulfilled in the present now moment,
4. the curious experience must enhance one's current level of compatibility/harmony/beauty/peace.

It takes as much as 4 factors for a person to be technically 'happy', which is why it is not an easy and frequent emotion to achieve.

Let me give an example based on the 4 factors—
Factor 1 — A person has enough freedom and money to feel the liberation to do what he wants. Factor 2— He has to be living in an environment that he is comfortable with, most likely a large, beautiful and tranquil house. Factor 3 — He is currently playing an interesting game or eating a very tasty exotic dessert that he is curious about and Factor 4 — it generates very pleasurable/harmonious feelings. He is feeling very contented and has no desire for other things. Such a scenario is what most people would generally recognize as a happy moment. Another similar happy experience could be that of a person on an exotic holiday or a birthday boy or girl opening many nice presents.

The above stated is the highest level of Happiness possible. The second highest level of Happiness is when a person has factors 1 and 2, but is in the process of working towards achieving factors 3 and 4. An example is a person in a liberating and compatible environment working or waiting to watch an exciting movie, TV drama, game or waiting to eat delicious food in a nice restaurant with good company. The third level of Happiness only contains factors 1 and 2. An example would be a wealthy person feeling liberated from poverty and living in a beautiful home. However, such a situation without fulfilling curiosity would easily lead to boredom and has potential to easily dip into the depressing emptiness that many wealthy people often feel.
The common notion of finding Happiness is to focus on feeling "positive" or "looking on the bright side of things". However, these old sayings were very vague because people did not really understand the meaning of feeling "positive" as there were no clearer and more definite explanations.

A psychiatrist once told me that his definition of finding Happiness is to "feel satisfied", which is similar to practicing gratitude or feeling grateful/contented for what one has. However, feeling grateful is still not a clear enough method to properly gain Happiness because if a person tries to feel grateful for his miserable current circumstances, he will still be focused on the limitations/restrictions that exists in his current reality which will constantly remind him of his own misery — this will only get him stuck/stagnant on feeling miserable. The right method is to firstly get the person focused on feeling grateful for the liberation that he possess, which he can use to improve his current situation.

I feel it is the focusing on one's liberation that is the first most crucial step to truly make one feel happy later on. By using the liberation/freedom to simply go out and do one's favorite things and be more creative and expressive allows the practice of one's liberation. It is the exciting rush of feeling free that I believe constitutes the true emotions of Happiness. People in this world have lots of access to do lots of great things, they just don't realize it. Happiness is a feeling that requires an active process to manifest, which is through the practice of one's existing liberation. Misery is the direct opposite of Happiness. People feel miserable because they feel stagnant/stuck by lots of restrictions and limitations and they can't feel free.

So, there is always an important reason how a person feels happy, there is no way people can feel happy for no reason as one book about Happiness has claimed. A person is happy because he is focused on his liberating freedom that is the true explanation of "feeling positive", and as he uses his liberation to do what is beneficial for him, he feels the exciting/adventurous/adrenaline rush of freedom/liberation that is the emotion of Happiness. And does not matter if he tries and fails, it is the intention that matters so there will be no regret of not trying. And as he does this kind of "focus on liberation" constantly to find his true self, his mental and physical well-being can improve drastically and he will become a more wholesome and healthy individual.
Even if a person has a terminal illness but chooses to focus on things that gives him liberation, he can still be happy. Remembering past memories of how one achieved great liberation for the self can also revive the old feelings of happiness and can motivate one to regain it in the present.

The old method of "feeling positive" and "looking on the bright side of things" requires the person to look for liberation outside of the self, which is wrong. The right way is to firstly recognize the liberation within the self/perception and work from there.

I have thought about why gays are given such a name. "Gay" also means happy and I think that is a very suitable description because gays constantly focus on feeling liberated through the process of being unique and creative or self-expressive, which makes them happy.

I perceive a happiness instructor to be very similar to a personal fitness instructor, the client has to be constantly reminded to focus on their liberating strengths rather than their negative focus on restriction, in order to change their old behaviors and improve themselves. So it is possible to be very mentally fit in happiness/liberation.

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