Tuesday, March 1, 2016

My accumulated supplement, anti-aging, health and fitness diet knowledge

This is an update on my supplement, anti-ageing, health and fitness diet knowledge to share with other new vegans who are into fitness. It has been one year 2 months since I started focusing on supplements and I am finally feeling and looking the way I wanted to gain from taking supplements and from really eating optimally.

One year 2 months is not a short time, I have a very high IQ so I could figure this out pretty quickly. If you think you know better as a beginner or novice then stay on your way, I know I am right because I can see and feel all the results. I have been vegan for 18 years so I have been through all the struggles than come with being on this diet.

Feel free to suggest more to add to this list.

Vegetables, fruits and multi-vitamin pills(Methyl B12 and others) are the basic. You can buy the listed supplements from www.iherb.com

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[To prevent/reduce muscle soreness from working out(DOMS)]
glutamine, taurine

[for muscle growth]

[to maintain muscle volume]

[For bone growth]
Calcium Citrate with magnesium, zinc and Vitamin D for absorption

[to increase energy]
electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium

[to remove tiredness and lethargy from the day or when waking from sleep]
GTF chromium(improve metabolism of fats, carbs and protein)
distilled water

[to have good sleep]
acai juice or other berry juice before sleep

[anti-aging against skin glycation(wrinkles) if you consume high GI carbs]


[skin health for good supple skin]
sunflower oil for vitamin E
vitamin C crystals powder
no heavy fried foods(can cause acne)
miso that can remove toxins
coconut oil(anti bacterial and weight loss)

[brain health for feeling alert and alive]
Omega 3 fats
DHEA from algae
distilled water

[blood vessel health for feeling young again and energetic]
omega 3 fats

[how to avoid getting sick that can interfere with muscle training]
Take berry juice concentrate or lemon juice to avoid getting sore throats. Take glutamine to avoid muscle infections. Clean up mouldy stuff in your room and machine filters that are the worse cause of sickness.

[how to eat for best anti-aging results]
When eating high-GI foods, mix it with sufficient omega 3 fats and protein. For example when eating mashed potatoes, mix it with sunflower and flax oil, and vegan bacon bits for the protein.

Take lemon and other alkaline foods for negative ions that can increase lifespan and prevent cancer.

Fruit juices are high in sucrose, glucose and fructose and can cause glycation. It is better to take fruits without juicing them.

[How to get good skin externally]
Bath with shower lotion that contains marula oil, mafura butter, argan oil. Tighten skin with DMAE gel.

[mix supplements with foods for optimal absorption]
Powdered supplements are more absorbed compared to tablets because they are already mixed with food before entering the body.

Add powdered supplements such as calcium citrate, creatine, glutamine, arginine to foods such as mashed potatoes.

[How to take protein powder with enjoyment]
Do not drink it, mix it with omega 3 oils, brown sugar and water to turn it into a peanut butter kind of mix.

Add other powdered supplements while you're at it such as calcium citrate, creatine, glutamine(take alone for better absorption).

[foods to avoid]
Fried foods, cocoa and coffee can cause cancer because they contain toxins and cancer-causing agents. The marketing hype keeps people in the dark. Take carob instead of cocoa for heavy users.

MSG taste enhancers can cause headaches interfere with an optimal life.

[common health and diet fallacies]
What defines natural is not by consuming what is only found on trees/soil or vegetables that look green.

What is natural is to give the body what it needs even with supplements(B12 and others), this is what is really being natural.

The body naturally creates myostatin that inhibits muscle growth and creatine(naturally found in the body) can naturally reduce myostatin.

It is not natural for the body to be muscular on its own. Being a so-called 'natural bodybuilder' is an oxymoron term.

To be natural is to be basic and anti-proactive.

Being skinny is natural. However, taking creatine to build muscles is also natural.

It is also natural to seek what you want for yourself.

What is artificial is to not follow your human desires but become like a robot.

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