Monday, December 14, 2015

A very smart and affordable gift for Christmas

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Use my code to save $5 on your first purchase and also to give me some commission.

A very smart and affordable gift for Christmas

My recommended gift suggestion for girls (and some guys) that is very affordable for this holiday season is an ecotools brush set at

Original offer price for brush set is at $11.99 from $19.99 USD.

Product review of the brush set-

If you purchase face-related products such as makeup(BB and CC creams) and face creams and choose to buy the bundle set(face-related item+brush set), you get to save an extra $5 for each brush set with each makeup/face-related item ordered.

So each face brush set would only cost $6.99 after all the discounts. It is a very affordable but high-quality gift that can save you lots of money and headache this holiday season. The brush set box even has its own gift wrap!

Purchase over $60 at and you get to save an extra 10% on the bill.

Use my code to save $5 on your first purchase and also to give me some commission(or the commission will just go to waste).

These are the paraben-free makeup and face creams that I ordered(I need to use them because I am working in the sales line at a mall):

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why are bisexual and gay people more caring? Why do straight people want to have kids while gay people don't?

Due to my temp job at a mall, I have made the prolonged observation that bi and gay people seem to have more of an added acuity in being more connected, sensitive, aware and empathizing towards other people, which makes them polite/respectful and caring individuals compared to straight people. This is confirmed all the time, even for some irritating gay people who hit on me.

Bi and gay people have both the masculine/aggression and feminine/passiveness qualities in them, It seems as though such both qualities cooperated together within a person would combine to form a wholesome kind of greater awareness.

In comparison, straight people seem to be a little adequate. They seem to be missing something, which makes them seem a little "lost" and disconnected to reality and other people.

Bi and gay people remind me of Counselor Troi In Star Trek who is an empath, they are empathetic like her and behave just like her. It is as though bi and gay people are being close to becoming empaths who can read minds. Perhaps they are close on their spiritual evolution in reaching such a psychic state.

Bi and gay people make very close and strong eye contact as if they have very strong focusing power in their consciousness. On the other hand, straight people lack the mental power in establishing such a connection. Perhaps the souls in straight people are not yet ready to take on such a state of being(bi and gay) that requires a stronger operating consciousness.

The heightened masculine/domination quality enables a person to expand the consciousness to reach far out to interpret reality beyond the scope of the self, while the feminine/passive quality enables one to feel and interpret the various aspects in reality. Because straight people are not heightened in both qualities, their consciousness is limited to just interpreting and feeling mostly their own needs.

Having children enables straight people the opportunity to CARE MORE for other people, and also to give them the opportunity to expand their sensitivity, connectivity, empathy etc that can help them to become more caring and respectful individuals.

The reason why straight people need to have children is because their souls need more experience in experiencing the masculine/domination and feminine/passive qualities from their children.

Many rigid and serious adults change and behave like kiddish retards when they look at small cute kids and babies, they temporarily become more passive. This just shows that they need kids to help them become more passive and connected to other people. For bi and gay people, they don't change when they interact with babies and kids, they remain in their friendly and caring self when they behave around kids.

The reason gay people don't need to have kids is because they don't need more assistance in experiencing more feminine/passive or masculine/dominating qualities.

Many straight dominating dads are more feminine/passive due to having children, many passive moms have become more masculine/dominating due to having children as well. Cooperating the feminine and masculine within parents would no doubt enable them to become more empathetic towards others, especially when parents discovers that their children are bi or gay and have to accept their kids as being normal.

So it is obvious to me that straight people have children because they still need much experience with the masculine/domination and feminine/passive.

So when some straight people think less of bi and gay people, I feel that those straight people are the ones who are actually "less". It's like how stupid people think that other people(including intelligent ones) are more stupid than they are, when it is actually the stupid people who are the only ones who are really stupid.

A 'stupid' thermometer that measures only up to 100 degrees can measure only up to 100 degrees, that's only how high(low) it can measure.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Spiritual commentary about bisexual and gay people

I mentioned before that the soul wants to cooperate the masculine/aggressiveness together with the feminine/passiveness/submissiveness personality. It wants to achieve this cooperation because a cooperated masculine and feminine personality can achieve a great level of peace compared to being extremely aggressive or passive.

So the soul wants to achieve great peace by being with a passive woman if it is an aggressive male.

A straight male would find a passive/submissive woman to be attractive because the woman is able to help him neutralize his aggressiveness, so that when he and the woman are together, he can achieve a higher level of peace and flow/beauty by cooperating his aggressiveness with her passiveness.

This is why a straight male would never find another man attractive. Nor would a straight male find a gay man attractive. Because another straight man and the gay man are not passive enough to neutralize his aggressiveness.

When the soul moves on from a straight orientation where it relies on being extreme aggressive or passive, to a more balanced orientation such as bisexual or gay, the soul takes on a more cooperated state of the aggressiveness and passiveness. The soul would then be able to perceive from a more flowing and objective/unbiased state of being.

This is why straight men are felt(by me) to have a dominating/aggressive flow, and why bisexuals and gays have a more graceful and peaceful wider open-minded perspective and behaviour.

In a way, to perceive from an angle, straight men are kind of "ugly(imbalanced, unsmooth)" in their flow, and bi and gay men are more beautiful(smooth) in their flow.

Many straight people do not understand why bi and gay people behave the way that they do, and therefore they perceive them as being strange. They do not yet have the wisdom and insight to understand why there are bi and gay people.

A straight man would feel more compatible with other straight men, compared to bi and gay men. This is due to the different level of flow/beauty between them.

A straight man would be perceived by bi and gay men to be quite blocky and one-sided in his perspective as though he is behaving like an aggressive soldier robot who likes things rough. Simply put, bi and gay men would perceive the straight guy to be "ugly" and "uncultured". 

A straight woman can be perceived by bi and gay men to be like a burning fire that can get out of control, burning anything with wild emotional assumptions. This is also can be perceived to be ugly and uncultured.

The straight man's ugly blockyness can cooperate with the straight woman's ugly wild emotions to become flexible and flowing.

The straight people perceive bi and gay people to be weird in their level of beauty, while the bi and gay people perceive straight people as being not as evolved as they are. This difference is the reason why there is much conflict and misunderstanding between the two groups.

Many straight guys worried that bi and gay men would hit on them, but their fears are exaggerated. Because bi and gay men actually find straight men to be quite ugly and repulsive. It's only the movies that create such a false worry by showing gays to be hitting on straight men all the time.

If one would examine a bi or gay man carefully, one would observe that the bi/gay man has qualities of both a male and a female, he would have the aggressiveness cooperated with the passiveness. However, many gay men are still loop-sided and tend to behave in a very passive manner. Other "straight-looking" bi and gay men have such qualities in a more cooperated/balanced way.

There are straight men because the straight man desires to cooperate his aggressiveness with the woman's passiveness. They do not desire to be sexually interested in bi and gay men because they have the greater more primary/crucial need to cooperate his aggressiveness with lots of "100% pure passiveness" that can come from a straight woman.

There are bi people because they desire to cooperate their aggressiveness with passiveness, but they have reached a level where they begin to desire cooperating with a gay male to use him as a guide on how to balance the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self. This is why bi men desire to be with women as well as with men.

There are gay people because they want to use other males as a guide on how to balance the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self. This is why gay men desire to be with other gay men because they want to be with like-minded people who are also working to cooperate the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self.

The sexuality of the soul is not just about having sex, but it is about the work of the soul to cooperate the aggressiveness with the passiveness in order to achieve a higher level of peaceful and objective consciousness.

Sexuality in this way, has a lot to do with spirituality.

For one to move forward in this spiritual journey, one has to explore one's current sexuality and to fulfill the journey.

If one would to observe a bi or gay man who is successful in cooperated the aggressiveness and passiveness within the self, one can see that he is really peaceful and happy with himself and others. This could be why gay people are described to be gay/happy.

Many religious texts were altered by the then-ruling government because many people in ancient times could not understand this level of spirituality related to bisexuals and gays. The ruling priests therefore wrote in the religious texts to inhibit this form of behaviour because they did not understand about bi and gay sexuality and they could not resolve the strangeness that they perceived about it. They assumed that it could only lead to bad(restriction) and did not realize that it can lead to good(liberation).

Many straight people still do not understand when they see a gay man struggling to cooperate his aggressiveness with his passiveness, all they can see is a strange form of "sissyness", but yet they do not judge a "sissy woman" in the same level of judgment.

It all comes down to what straight people assume to be normal and what they want the perfect world to be. This desire for their own kind of straight perfection would only create lots of non-acceptance(non-love, hatred, intolerance) for the things that they find to be strange and out of place in their ideal perfect world.

Friday, May 8, 2015

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Real Reason Why Vision was Able to Lift Thor's Hammer Mjolnir

To clear up some things first, Captain America said at the ending in the Age of Ultron movie that Vision could lift the hammer because he is a machine, but the Captain was not accurate. The elevator can lift the hammer from the bottom, it cannot hold the hammer at the handle and separate it from the ground. It was shown in the first Thor movie that the hammer cannot be separated from the desert ground by machines.

Vision is also not totally a machine but has living human cells and a brain.

In the first Thor movie, Thor was not able to lift the hammer after he was banished to Earth because Odin felt that Thor was not worthy to use the hammer because Thor previously misused the hammer not to preserve lives but to misuse it to harm and kill people unnecessarily.

The worthiness to hold the hammer is to preserve life and does not come from other intentions.

Thor was able to get back his power and hold the hammer because he finally gains the intention to preserve the life of the people in the small town as seen in the following video.


To use the hammer with the intention to remove Evil and preserve Good is also deemed as unworthy because seeing Evil as separated from Good is too small-minded, and cannot do the job of preserving life.

The other avengers could not lift the hammer because they all have the intention to use the hammer to rid Evil and preserve Good, which is far from the hammer's purpose to preserve life.

Vision was also heard saying that he is on the side of life, to protect it. He has the intention to preserve life without being distracted by the notions of judging things to be simply Good or Evil. This is why Vision was deemed worthy to use the hammer.

The other avengers could not hold the hammer because they perceive the small picture rather than the bigger picture to preserve and protect life:

1) Black Widow is an assassin whose main job is to kill,
2) Tony is materialistic and thoughtless and does not care much about preserving other life but his friends and his own. He has a history of selling weapons to clients that got civilians killed by his weapons.
3) Captain America is a soldier who's job is to kill.
4) Warhammer is a soldier who kills
5) Hawkeye is also a soldier who kills

Even though Captain America can move the hammer a little because he is leader of the Avengers and can see the bigger picture compared to the other members(besides Thor), the Captain still cannot see the bigger picture in the same level like Thor and Vision.

Therefore, the only blindingly obvious reason how a person is deemed to be worthy enough to lift the hammer is if he/she would use it properly with the bigger intention to preserve life.

The hammer is only meant to preserve and protect life, it would not be usable for those who want to use it without holding this purpose in mind.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Did Anne Hathaway quit her vegan diet due to iodine deficiency?

I think yes, so could be the case for many vegans and vegetarians.

I have realized in the past couple of days, people who were vegan but chose to go back to eating meat due to feeling tired/lethargic when they do heavy physical activity(such Anne Hathaway), many of them were probably suffering from iodine deficiency. 

Iodine deficiency leads to a lower thyroid function, which leads to a low metabolic rate that can cause weight gain and fatigue. This could be why many people find it hard to lose weight even on a vegan diet.

When Anne Hathaway went back to eating fish from her vegan diet, she said she immediately felt more energy. Fish contains lots of iodine that could have resolved her supposed iodine deficiency. Even though fish contains creatine that could also contribute to higher energy levels, the iodine would have a greater impact in increasing energy levels especially if the person is suffering from iodine deficiency.

I have heard of many people who started on the vegan diet and then complained of feeling tired, especially for vegans who do lots of fitness. Many of them probably suffered from iodine deficiency and needed to take iodine. Vegan sources of iodine include iodized salt, seaweed, kelp and bottled supplements.

The next time you hear of someone complaining they feel tired after starting a vegan diet, do them a favour and suggest that they take iodine supplements quickly. 

(Fat is also important to maintain hormonal balance to feel energetic. I heard from a vegan on the 80/10/10 diet who started taking fat said that she felt much more healthier. Sodium functions as an electrolyte and is also important to maintain energy levels. Taking creatine supplements can  also increase the energy transport within the body.)

Iodine – The mineral that charges your energy battery

Friday, April 3, 2015

My Delicious Power Carob Shake! (foamy Carobcinno)

water, micronised creatine monohydrate powder, L-Glutamine powder, taurine powder, calcium carbonate powder, pea protein powder(4 tbsp), carob powder(1 tbsp), sugar(60g), sunflower oil(100ml, 49mg Vit E), soy sauce(1 tbsp).

Carbs 70g/280 cal, fat 100g/900 cal, protein 30g/120 cal = 1300 cal

Don't attempt to make this recipe unless you use soy sauce and at least 50 ml oil or fat. The oil brings out the flavor of the carob while the soy sauce sharpens the flavor. The end result is something that tastes as good as store-bought chocolate mix. It kind of reminds me of Swiss Miss with Nesquik or something like that.

The glycermic index of the sugar is lessened with the presence of the fat and protein, and is much lower than that of fruit juice. There is no current evidence where sunflower oil is found to be harmful to the body. Cocoa is found to be toxic on the testes, carob is a good alternative.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Incorrect view of Dr Esselstyn on oils debunked!!!

Dr Esselstyn said on,

"NO OIL! Not even olive oil, which goes against a lot of other advice out there about so-called good fats. The reality is that oils are extremely low in terms of nutritive value. They contain no fiber, no minerals and are 100% fat calories. Both the mono unsaturated and saturated fat contained in oils is harmful to the endothelium, the innermost lining of the artery, and that injury is the gateway to vascular disease. It doesn’t matter whether it’s olive oil, corn oil, coconut oil, canola oil, or any other kind. Avoid ALL oil."

"Avoid oils. They injure the endothelium, the innermost lining of the artery, and that injury is the gateway to vascular disease. All oil is also empty calories."

Dr Esselstyn is not well informed and likes to throw babies out with the dishwater. It is oils like olive oil and maize oil that can impair endothelium function. Other oils like sunflower, soya, canola, flax and coconut oils are fine.

Acute effects of different types of oil consumption on endothelial function, oxidative stress status and vascular inflammation in healthy volunteers.

"There was no significant effect of any type of oil consumption on endothelium-independent dilatation, total lipid PEROX and vascular adhesion molecule 1 serum levels. Consumption of maize oil leads to impaired endothelial function, while soya oil and cod liver oil slightly improve endothelial function."

Acute effects of high-fat meals enriched with walnuts or olive oil on postprandial endothelial function.

"In both study groups, flow-mediated dilation (FMD) was worse after the olive oil meal than after the walnut meal (p = 0.006, time-period interaction)."

Canola oil decreases cholesterol and improves endothelial function in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease – a pilot study

"Canola oil containing omega-3 PUFAs may confer cardiovascular protection by improving endothelial function and lowering LDL-cholesterol."

Monday, February 9, 2015

The World's Best Vegan Pancakes Recipe

This is my recipe.


1 cup plain flour(use a finer type of flour for more cake-like texture)
2 tbsp chickpea/garbanzo/besan/gram flour(you can use the type sold in Indian grocery shops)
1 tbsp brown sugar(optional)
1 tsp baking powder(less than 6 mths old)
1/2 tsp baking soda(less than 6 mths old)
2/3 cup soy milk or any other non-dairy milk
1/3 cup water
2 tsp vanilla extract(optional)
1 tbsp oil
2 tbsp of a home-made egg substitute (grind about 1.5 cups of flaxseeds in a food processor for 1 min(it's not possible to grind them too fine) or use ready-milled flaxseeds. Add about 0.75 cup water and process to form a slimy paste, then add about 0.3 cup chickpea flour and process again to form a yellowish 'eggy' paste)


1. Mix the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2.In a measuring cup, mix the water and the soy milk then add it to the dry mixture
3.Use a rubber spatula and stir to form a smooth batter
4.Add 2 tablespoons of the egg substitute and a tablespoon of oil and mix until the batter turns 'eggy'
5.Scoop or pour the batter onto a heated greased pan to form small round-sized pancakes. You can add fruits such as fresh blueberries to the top of the cooking pancakes at this time.
6.Flip the pancakes over when bubbles have appeared and cook until the bottom is browned.

For oatmeal pancakes, replace 1/4 cup of plain flour with oatmeal.

Serve with maple syrup or jam. Top with a scoop of vegan margarine(Olive Gold) for a salty flavor. Add fruits on the side such as caramelized bananas and peaches. You can also make a delicious caramel-like sauce with peanut butter, dark brown sugar and some water. Eat slowly and enjoy.

A post about the soul's purpose on Earth

This post is taken from my Facebook spiritual group
Know Thyself and Return to Soul: Way of True Ascension & Enlightenment

(Group Update Feb 9th) Just a Thought: The Human Experience As One Big Encrypted Chunk of Data Being Decoded by Souls

After watching the movie The Imitation Game that is based on the true story of how Mathematician Alan Turing helped to crack the Nazi's Enigma code during WWII, I began to realize that the information about this human experience is somehow embedded in a code that only souls who have gained experience living life on Earth would have the ability to translate and uncover the actual meanings of different things. Perhaps the Source/God needed souls to come to this human reality so that we can help to decode the human experience into understandable information for the Source to understand.

For example, the Source can't possibly realize how it feels like to eat something on Earth unless there is a soul in a body on Earth to eat and translate the experience into meaningful knowledge for the Source to know. 

Repeated code patterns emerge again and again

The human experience feels like experiencing rare as well as repeated code patterns in one large existential space. If you have experienced the tell-tale signs of someone lying to you, you would be able to experience it happening again and again within the large space. if you have tasted something, you would know how it would taste like even if it is found somewhere else.

Perhaps the Matrix movies were right in showing how the human experience is like a huge space of codes. 

Souls as decoding agents

I feel that the reason why souls keep on reincarnating on Earth is to fulfill the purpose to decode the most complex levels of human experience. They probably fail at the beginning as their human emotions got in the way for them to understand objectively the true meaning behind many things. So they try to complete their purpose by reincarnating as a human to try again. 

For me, I strangely feel that my life purpose is to decode the human experience into understandable knowledge. If you think of it, what the soul can bring into the afterlife is exactly such things, they can only bring decoded human experiences back to the soul plane. And the way souls decode the human experience is exactly like how the code-breakers in The Imitation Game movie do it, by connecting related elements and then work from what is already interpreted to uncover the entire chunk of information.

The human experience is one large unknown encrypted chunk of information that requires billions of souls to work to translate into understandable information.

Souls in Extremely Contrasting Roles

Souls get placed in various extremely contrasting roles to decode each experience, which is why how people live in extremely different kinds of lives, some as pop stars, actors, others as school teachers.

I think that souls all work at their own level to decode the human experience into something tangible to understand. Some got lost while some souls ventured onto the spiritual path to attempt to make sense of the human experience. 

Extreme challenging roles open doors for ascension

Some roles might be extremely challenging for a soul to decode while staying objective, which may be why an advanced soul would fill in the place. Other roles might be much easier to experience. The more challenging the role, the more the soul and Source can get to know the human reality better. The role might be needed to fulfill so that a higher level of experience can be accessed. Once completed, that soul in that challenging role would open doors for other souls in the next higher level of experience, which is how "ascension" is brought about.

How long will the decoding take?

This unknown is something shown to occur to the decoders in the movie. But when the code is decoded with something already translated, the decoding will take a much shorter time.

Sometimes I question when will this task be finished(at least for interpreting the 3rd dimension), because there is no feedback as to how far souls have progressed in this huge task. Many people have the innate desire to know when all things will come to an end, perhaps this is why many suspected 2012 to be an end date. 

I think that souls who have realized their purpose would proactively help other like-minded souls to decode and make sense of the human experience.

Hazardous stops in the decoding process

Many people simply live life to experience the simple things, and they get afraid to progress further, which could be what prevents them from ascending? Not many people in this world are willing to cooperate to work together. Many get stuck with decoding emotional-related issues and cannot progress further. Those who can see through such problems would get to move on.

Relationship links represent the meaning

What you can see in the Imitation Game movie is that the decoders circle links between different letters to form a 'menu'. This is then used to decode the coded messages further. I find that this is exactly similar to how meanings are represented in their relationship links with other things. For example, the meaning of a computer would be perceived to have links between a screen to a keyboard, mouse and CPU.

Establishing the wrong relationship links create wrong meanings

Souls who are biased in their human perspective would no doubt get stuck while those who become objective will be able to go far. The way they get biased is to establish unrelated links between 2 things by comparing them. By doing this, the actual links remain undiscovered and the non-decoded meanings are not understood.

The meaning of something is established from its relationship links to other relevant things. If people are biased and see the wrong kind of relationship links, they cannot perceive the right meaning. The right meaning can only be perceived when the real actual links are perceived connected together.

Get the meanings right by being objective

I feel that training oneself to practice the true meaning of Love, which is to accept all circumstances and perspective as natural and existing in their own singular way. This way, the soul can be unbiased to uncover the real actual links that form the relationship meanings of various things.

For example, many people link homosexuality with a perversion. This is the link that they found and relate to. This relationship link might be something brainwashed into them from religion. However, for people free from such brainwashing such as me, I am free to perceive homosexuality with links to the cooperation of the masculine and feminine qualities.

I am able to successfully decode the enigma of Homosexuality and uncover the hidden meaning behind the reason for its existence. I can therefore pass on this decoded information done while I am a human being on this planet, on to the Source who is residing beyond this plane of existence.

Is God that All knowing?

Even though the Creator or God might get to see the entire human reality like a big picture, it would need souls to come to Earth to live as humans to get the individualized perspective focused on the finer level. People have thought that God is all knowing but this may not be true. God might know some but he may not know the rest. If God has not lived the lives of every single man and woman on the planet, how would he know what they feel and think? 

Do you think what I say is correct? Or do you have another perspective for the purpose for souls to experience being human?

The World's Best Vegan Pizza Recipe

I noticed that pictures of vegan and non-vegan pizzas don't look as good as mine on the net, so I decided to post my recipe.

Ingredients for cold-fermented pizza dough:
3 cups of bread flour
1 cup of water
1 tsp of instant yeast
1 tsp of salt
This dough makes 10 pieces of crust.
Mix all the dry ingredients in the food processor and then add in the cup of water and process until it becomes a dough. Mix by hand if you want, I never tried it before.
Store in an airtight container in the chiller section of the fridge for at least 16 hours. (Coat the container with a little oil before storing the dough in it.)
Once you are ready to use it, take it out from fridge and cut out the required piece(s) of dough and leave it in room temperature for about half an hour to soften.
Prepare a wooden board dusted with flour. Coat the piece(s) of dough with flour. Use a wooden roller and roll the dough into a flat round circle, occasionally stretching the dough with your hands and then roll it again. Make the edge slightly thicker. Occasionally coat the flattened dough with flour to prevent it from being sticky.
The Cheese Sauce:
30g of Nutritional Yeast or one-third amount of a 100g packet
1 cup of glutinous rice flour
half a normal size stir-fry pan of water(I don't know the exact amount)
Mix all the ingredients into a mixture before cooking on a stainless steel stir fry pan, stirring until it thickens.
You can choose to make a watery sauce or a thicker sauce. I choose to use a slightly watery consistency.
Let the mixture cool before using it.
You can make the sauce beforehand and store it in the dridge. It would taste stronger the longer you store in the fridge. I chose to store it in the fridge before use.
Marinated Mushrooms Mixure:
a pinch of salt
dried Oregano herbs
olive or soy oil (a splash)
a little lemon juice (Optional)
handful of sliced Shitake mushrooms
First put the handful of sliced shitake mushrooms in a mixing cup.
Sprinkle the pinch of salt on top, followed by the dried herbs, oil and juice.
Then use a rubber spatula to quickly stir and mix it all up evenly. Wait for a couple of mins for the mushrooms to absorb the oil.
Drain away the excess oil.
A fast marination is the trick to get the mushrooms to remain tender, if they are marinated for too long they will turn soggy.
If the mushrooms are too oily when you put them on the pizza, the mushrooms will leak out lots of oil onto the pizza and you would have to drain the oil away when the pizza is cooked.
The pizza assembling process:
Place a piece of rolled pizza crust dough onto a non-stick pizza pan(Willow's brand), on a piece of baking paper over a normal baking sheet, or on a heated pizza stone that has been heated for 10 mins.
A Special Tip: You can choose to poke holes on the dough with a fork before putting on the rest of the ingredients. If you don’t poke holes, the dough will bloat up and you can make a bloated wood-fired version.
On the dough, use the underside of a spoon to apply a thin spread of tomato paste (use Leggo’s brand sold in a bottle). Or make a thick-style tomato puree paste with Roma tomatoes. Do not use canned concentrated tomato paste because the taste is too strong and bitter.
Let the paste dry a little before adding the cheese sauce.
Use a spoon to spread or drizzle the cheese sauce over the slightly-dried tomato paste on the pizza. Don’t apply too much or the pizza will turn soggy.
After spreading the quick-marinated mushrooms onto the pizza, cook the pizza in a preheated oven at 250 deg Celsius for 15 mins until the top is sizzling from the oil and then it is ready.
Use the top-level of the oven to broil and char the pizza as desired.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Music Rewind Weekend: Songs about Love

Oh great! Another new American singer who looks just like David Archuleta that sings 90s pop!! God really likes to recycle.

Such a talented pretty boy, so envious.. I already feel like buying him something. Btw, I have a white cat just like he does.

Every time someone sings a song about Love, I get into a deep thought about the common undefined definition of Love versus my definition that I think is the right one. My definition of Love is of unconditional acceptance, which is to view any circumstance and perspective as being normal rather than strange and unaccepted. I wonder if people are still holding the common superficial perspective of Love or have they evolved in their perspective?

This song is written by a Swedish songwriter. I have been a fan of Swedish songwriters since the 90s. I hope Austin sings more 90s pop.

This next song actually is the song that gives the best clue to the actual definition of Love according to me.

I discovered that Gwen Stefani recently made an awesome music video also about Love. The dance moves are so difficult, even her dancers have trouble with them.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Is Creatine in Meat the reason Anne Hathaway gave up being vegan? Proof that meat provides more energy than vegetables

I heard a few months ago late last year that Anne Hathway gave up being a vegan due to fish giving her more energy for her energy-intensive scene in filming the movie Interstellar. She cited the reason for fish giving her more energy and making her feel more healthy. Many celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Bill Clinton, Justin Bieber, Hayden Panettiere, Eva Longeria, Rachel McAdams, and Angelina Jolie have also given up being vegan for the same reasons.

Many people especially vegans were quick to blame them instead of being more constructive in their reactions. They merely perceived them for being cop-outs instead of finding ways to resolve the perceived conflict of interests.

Many vegans have the great fear to consider the idea that meat gives one more energy, whether or not that was found to be true. This is mainly due to their fear of thinking that meat can actually be superior to vegetables, as many vegans use a tactic of vegetable-superiority to promote veganism.

For example, I once scolded a bunch of silly vegan people on a forum where they insisted that tofu was tasty when it is not. They kept insisting that tofu is tasty like some kids who refused to admit their embarrassing mistake. I eventually went the whole way in making them look like childish fools(my specialty) and I eventually got banned from the forum(which I wanted), which just shows that the creator of the forum was just as childish as her vegan groupie. That forum was run by a vegan celebrity who I think is still pretty 'clueless'.

Can any vegan have the balls to even consider the idea that meat really gives one more energy compared to vegetables? I have the science to prove that meat really is superior to vegetables in terms of giving the body more energy.

Meat including the fish that Anne Hathaway ate contains the chemical creatine that is as I quote from wikipedia, a "nitrogenous organic acid that occurs naturally in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to all cells in the body, primarily muscle."

Creatine is not found in any plant.

Of course creatine might not be the sole chemical that gives Anne Hathaway more energy for her running scene(while wearing a heavy suit) in Interstellar, but it is without a doubt one of the major contributing factors for her thinking that meat gives her more energy compared to eating plants. Even athletes who workout in the gym take creatine for more energy. Besides creatine, meat also contains other chemicals that work synergistically to boost energy production, chemicals that are either not present in plants or are found to be at much higher levels compared to plants. Examples are D-Ribose, Pyruvate and L Carnitine.

Creatine can be useful for those who consume little amino-acid rich foods(probably due to low appetite or lack of time to eat) but still need added muscular strength. Creatine is found to be more suited for increasing muscular strength rather than endurance strength seen in long distance running.

For those who worry about the source material for producing creatine, creatine can be obtained via chemical synthesis using plant-derived amino acids.

The influence of creatine supplementation on the cognitive functioning of vegetarians and omnivores.
"the levels of muscle creatine are known to be lower in vegetarians"

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"Muscle creatine stores are lower in vegetarians than non-vegetarians."

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"Creatine supplementation had a significant positive effect (p < 0.0001) on both working memory (backward digit span) and intelligence (Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices), both tasks that require speed of processing. These findings underline a dynamic and significant role of brain energy capacity in influencing brain performance."

Creatine supplementation improves muscular performance in older men.
"These data indicate that 7 d of creatine supplementation is effective at increasing several indices of muscle performance, including functional tests in older men without adverse side effects. Creatine supplementation may be a useful therapeutic strategy for older adults to attenuate loss in muscle strength and performance of functional living tasks."

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"these findings may be useful for rehabilitation or strength and conditioning professionals who may need to rapidly increase the strength of a patient or athlete within 9 days."

So now I have given the evidence of how meat can be more superior to vegetables in terms of energy production. Vegans should stop remaining in their denial of not wanting to admit how meat can give people more energy compared to vegetables. Their using of the example that eating vegetables gives one more energy compared to eating meat is flawed and holds no basis. The perceived energy increase from eating vegetables is likely due to avoiding eating unhealthy fatty meat, therefore making one feel less sluggish and therefore feel more energetic.

Of course, people don't have to eat meat just to gain access to the energy-boosting creatine found in meat, they can always choose to take supplements. Vegan advocates can start to promote such energy-boosting supplements rather than remain in their immature and ignorant denial of why meat actually gives people more energy. And then they might actually start to gain real progress in their vegan advocacy in getting more people to give up meat.