Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why are bisexual and gay people more caring? Why do straight people want to have kids while gay people don't?

Due to my temp job at a mall, I have made the prolonged observation that bi and gay people seem to have more of an added acuity in being more connected, sensitive, aware and empathizing towards other people, which makes them polite/respectful and caring individuals compared to straight people. This is confirmed all the time, even for some irritating gay people who hit on me.

Bi and gay people have both the masculine/aggression and feminine/passiveness qualities in them, It seems as though such both qualities cooperated together within a person would combine to form a wholesome kind of greater awareness.

In comparison, straight people seem to be a little adequate. They seem to be missing something, which makes them seem a little "lost" and disconnected to reality and other people.

Bi and gay people remind me of Counselor Troi In Star Trek who is an empath, they are empathetic like her and behave just like her. It is as though bi and gay people are being close to becoming empaths who can read minds. Perhaps they are close on their spiritual evolution in reaching such a psychic state.

Bi and gay people make very close and strong eye contact as if they have very strong focusing power in their consciousness. On the other hand, straight people lack the mental power in establishing such a connection. Perhaps the souls in straight people are not yet ready to take on such a state of being(bi and gay) that requires a stronger operating consciousness.

The heightened masculine/domination quality enables a person to expand the consciousness to reach far out to interpret reality beyond the scope of the self, while the feminine/passive quality enables one to feel and interpret the various aspects in reality. Because straight people are not heightened in both qualities, their consciousness is limited to just interpreting and feeling mostly their own needs.

Having children enables straight people the opportunity to CARE MORE for other people, and also to give them the opportunity to expand their sensitivity, connectivity, empathy etc that can help them to become more caring and respectful individuals.

The reason why straight people need to have children is because their souls need more experience in experiencing the masculine/domination and feminine/passive qualities from their children.

Many rigid and serious adults change and behave like kiddish retards when they look at small cute kids and babies, they temporarily become more passive. This just shows that they need kids to help them become more passive and connected to other people. For bi and gay people, they don't change when they interact with babies and kids, they remain in their friendly and caring self when they behave around kids.

The reason gay people don't need to have kids is because they don't need more assistance in experiencing more feminine/passive or masculine/dominating qualities.

Many straight dominating dads are more feminine/passive due to having children, many passive moms have become more masculine/dominating due to having children as well. Cooperating the feminine and masculine within parents would no doubt enable them to become more empathetic towards others, especially when parents discovers that their children are bi or gay and have to accept their kids as being normal.

So it is obvious to me that straight people have children because they still need much experience with the masculine/domination and feminine/passive.

So when some straight people think less of bi and gay people, I feel that those straight people are the ones who are actually "less". It's like how stupid people think that other people(including intelligent ones) are more stupid than they are, when it is actually the stupid people who are the only ones who are really stupid.

A 'stupid' thermometer that measures only up to 100 degrees can measure only up to 100 degrees, that's only how high(low) it can measure.