Sunday, September 14, 2014

Has certain races of humans gotten too intelligent too quickly?

The genes of humans have been reported to contain unknown alien DNA. It suggests to be true of a theory that the human race emerged from a mix of ape and alien DNA. However, has this possible artificial evolution of the human race been proven to be too much too soon for the human race to handle?

In the IQ score report of different races worldwide, East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews are found to have the highest average race IQ compared to Whites who have higher average race IQ compared to Blacks.

A look at the recent world history saw the western nations created 2 world wars. The Whites enslaved lots of Blacks out of greed. The Japanese joined in WWII and enslaved many countries in South East Asia. The US destroyed much of Afghanistan harming lots of innocent civilians, countless of their soldiers suffered Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and many committed suicide. Recently, the middle East used weapons created and supplied by the western nations to fuel their wars. North Korea has constantly been testing its nuclear weapons threatening to attack South Korea and the US. China also threatened Taiwan with military action due to its One China policy. Russia and Crimea started fighting each other with modern weapons.

Just like the misused of nuclear energy, it seems like the intelligence of humanity has also been greatly misused for supporting mass violence. Perhaps the artificial evolution of the human race has proved to be too much for humanity to handle responsibly.

The movie Planet of the Apes is a movie that clearly showed how the misuse of technology led to the self-destruction of the human race. And the lower IQ apes eventually took over and ruled over the humans. It seems like humanity is heading towards a similar direction. The modern western nations might destroy themselves and the aborigines and the indigenous people of various nations would remain intact and be the future of humanity.

If all of humanity still had the 'intelligence' of the Aborigines, Indigenous people, and the Blacks in Africa, perhaps the world would be a much peaceful and caring place.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The countless everyday things that can cause cancer that people don't realize

Many people don't understand the causes of cancer. They think that the way to eliminate cancer is to kill cancer cells. All these people think of cancer is to fight it like retards.

The real cause of cancer is the unnatural interference of the cells' reproduction. When cells don't reproduce properly, they mutate into abnormal cells that become cancerous. Everyone has in their body a very small amount of such abnormal mutated cells that did not copy properly.

The everyday things that can increase such cancerous cells in the bodies are things that interfere with the normal cell reproduction. Such factors range from the chemicals in skin and beauty products, the toxic pesticide and herbicide chemicals in food, the chemicals in meat, the electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and internet usage etc etc.

Many people especially women use lots of beauty products, which is why they have such a high number of breast cancer rate. People should cut down the number of chemical-filled products they buy from stores and not get caught up by beauty advertisements that only encourage people to keep on using those chemical-filled products like there's no tomorrow.

The ways to prevent cancer is to:
cut down the usage of such artificial ingredients in skin care products, 
eat more pesticide-free organic foods, 
use a wired earpiece for talking on phones, 
drink distilled water, 
wear slippers at home so that one's feet would not get into contact with the residue from floor detergent on the floor, 
swim only in clean water rather than the chlorine-rich swimming pool, 
prevent spraying perfume on the skin, 
use chemical-free sunblock, 
wear gloves when using kitchen cleaning spray,
eat less processed preserved foods,
take natural antibiotics such as colloidal silver rather than artificial medicine,
take lemon juice for sore throat rather than strepsils or cough syrup,
rinse and don't wash the dishes and pots with detergent if possible,
reduce using hair products with chemicals but use coconut oil instead,
use natural dyes for colouring the hair,
reduce using eye drops but use water instead,
avoid using lots of make up,
rinse the mouth with salt water and lemon juice instead of using mouth wash,
use colloidal silver lotion for pimples rather than overdose on pimple cream,
use cheap shampoo that contain natural ingredients,
use coconut oil for moisturiser rather than chemical-filled moisturisers,
use kid's toothpaste rather than adult toothpaste,
try not to wash the clothes so often that would only expose the skin to lots of chemicals from detergent,
try not to use chlorine to whiten the clothes,
coat hands with coconut oil to prevent chemicals from things like receipts from entering the skin,
use home made shaving cream instead of store bought ones,
use negative ion devices to prevent cancer,
eat less microwaved food,
use BPA-free plastic bottles and use more glass containers to store food,
reduce grilling and baking of food,
take frequent breaks to recover from one's exposure to chemicals and radiation by staying home and resting.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Thoughts about Lucy, the Movie Starring Scarlett Johansson about a woman who gets to use 100% of the brain

The movie perpetuates the false myth that a person can be more intelligent simply by utilizing a higher percentage of the brain at one time.

It is not that a person can be more intelligent by simply using more portions of the brain at one time, but actually it is to get the different parts of the brain(the neural network that spans across the brain) to work in better cooperation with one another. This is why having a brain's neural network to be heavily wired in a more efficient manner is the real reason for people to become more intelligent and evolved rather than just having a bigger brain mass.

It has been said that the brain has logical and artistic sides being the left and right sides respectively. So if people can get these two parts of the brain working better in cooperation, they would be able to perceive a bigger picture of reality and understand it at a much higher level.

The movie Limitless where the main character gets to have his brain's neural network to become more organized and efficient that helps him to deal with his problems is a more accurate reflection of how the brain works.

Ten percent of brain myth

Lucy and the 10 Percent Brain Myth

Humans Already Use Way, Way More Than 10% of Their Brains

I have solved the mystery of why Asians consistently have higher average IQ than westerners, getting a high IQ is not necessarily a good thing!

Long boring story short:

the IQ test was created in 1950s to gauge the basic mental response of mentally-retarded children so that they could be identified and get proper assistance in school. The IQ test was created to test the mentally-retarded children's skills for recognizing basic patterns from reality such as basic number progression, pattern recognition etc

Asians fare higher in average IQ scores compared to westerners because most Asians focus very much on interacting with the basic patterns of reality rather than focus on the other minor details. This is seen in the Chinese written language where the characters form the basic outline patterns of pictorial symbols. So because Asians rely mainly on the basic patterns, they are very used to recognizing and relying with these patterns that are frequently used in Mensa IQ tests.

For example, the Chinese word for mouth looks like a square box. While Asians focus mainly on the pattern of this square box, westerners on the other hand, are more focused on what is found inside the pattern of the square box and can be concerned with the teeth and tongue for example.

Most Asians focus on the basic superficial things in life such as earning money and being successful while westerners focus more on living one's dreams and being truly happy. Focusing on the pattern of the mouth and missing out on the other important finer details is obviously not a good thing.

Using mental resources on working with the complicated Chinese characters also wastes precious mental resources(short term memory for example) that could instead have been utilized on dealing with complicated thoughts and ideas.

The Writing on the Wall
How Asian Orthography Curbs Creativity

"This well-written, well-documented book convincingly argues that there is a 'creativity gap' between East Asian countries and the West."—Choice

"Students in Japan, China, and Korea are among the world's top performers on standardized math and science tests. The nations of East Asia are also leading manufacturers of consumer goods that incorporate scientific breakthroughs in telecommunications, optics, and transportation. Yet there is a startling phenomenon known throughout Asia as the "creativity problem." While East Asians are able to use science, they have not demonstrated the ability to invent radically new systems and paradigms that lead to new technologies. In fact, the legal and illegal transfer of technology from the West to the East is one of the most contentious international business issues. Yet Asians who study and work in the West and depend upon Western languages for their research are among the most creative and talented scientists, no less so than their Western counterparts.

William C. Hannas contends that this paradox emerges from the nature of East Asian writing systems, which are character-based rather than alphabetic. Character-based orthographies, according to the author, lack the abstract features of alphabetic writing that model the thought processes necessary for scientific creativity. When first learning to read, children who are immersed in a character-based culture are at a huge disadvantage because such writing systems do not cultivate the ability for abstract thought. Despite the overwhelming body of evidence that points to the cognitive side-effects, the cultural importance of character-based writing makes the adoption of an alphabet unlikely in the near future."

*End Quote*

It is said that there are many types of intelligence. While the main type of intelligence is that of a basic pictorial pattern such as the square box to represent the mouth, the other types of intelligences are found within the square pattern inside the square box.

This different ways of thinking for Asians and Westerners could answer the question of why Asians are less technologically advanced compared to westerners. Asians are good in copying westerners' technology but because they often cannot think beyond the basic pattern of the box(cannot think outside the box), they lack the creativity gained from multiple perspective to create new things.

Getting high IQ scores for Asians is not necessarily a good thing because being skilled and focused too much on the basic patterns of reality might cause one to be dis-focused from the other important details found beyond the basic patterns. Getting a high IQ score therefore might not seem like a very good reflection of one's ability to recognize the other important things in life.

I think that being too focused on the basic patterns of life might be due to a cultural influence. Asians are culturally influenced to focus on the basic survival skills and to gain good superficial appearances to earn money and respect(the fake kind). This can cause them to be lost on the path to personal happiness that can only be found from recognizing one's own uniqueness.

In addition, Asians in the East follow strictly a social hierarchy system where interaction and the flow of alternative information can be heavily limited between people of different 'social standing', which can severely limit alternative thinking and creativity.

Conclusion: Having a higher average IQ score for Asians does not necessarily mean that they are more intelligent than Westerners on the whole. It simply means that they are more dependent on working with the basic patterns of reality. Relying on the basic patterns of reality might reflect a primitive form of thinking, and moving beyond this basic pattern intelligence to focus on the other patterns beyond the basic ones might be a sign of mental evolution.

Should westerners aspire to gain higher IQ scores for themselves?

Gaining higher IQ scores on a test originally created for mentally retarded children may not seem like a good thing, it might simply mean that one is thinking similar in line like mentally-retarded children.

There are exceptions to this case however, I feel that there are some people who do score high on the IQ test being skilled in identifying both the basic and advanced patterns of reality. They are also skilled in other types of intelligence that the IQ test failed to measure properly.

References to other similar blog posts and writings on this subject:

My Theory on Why East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews Have Highest Average IQ Scores in the World

Mensa recruits members who think like its founders(I say lots of bad things about Mensa)

The group's explanation:

In short, I claim here that Mensa members generally think like lawyers. Mensa's founders were both lawyers(one doubled as a scientist) and their limited perception created a strong bias in the test that filters people based on similar 'lawyer traits'. 

<<What is Intelligence?>>

According to Cognitive Science, the fundamental component of Intelligence is pattern recognition.

"the act of taking in raw data and taking an action based on the category of the pattern"

Definition of Intelligence--

"Mainstream Science on Intelligence defines intelligence as the general mental ability to analyze, comprehend and utilize one's immediate environment."

"A very general mental capability that, among other things, involves the ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly and learn from experience. It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts. Rather, it reflects a broader and deeper capability for comprehending our surroundings - “catching on”, “making sense” of things, or “figuring out” what to do."

<<The Mensa test is heavily biased by its founders>>

The founders of Mensa were both lawyers(one doubled as a scientist) and they created the Mensa IQ test in the 1950s based on their own definitions of intelligence and their own similar ways of thinking(thought processes).

Since they were lawyers and a scientist, their views of intelligence were influenced by their own thinking characteristics like lawyers and scientists. With reference to questions found in Mensa tests created by them, we can find many questions that require investigation, cross referencing and finding of loopholes-- these are main crucial skills of lawyers, scientists and investigators. Therefore it is logical to imply that people who score well in the IQ test would possess the most similar thinking traits as the founders, and people who score poorly would possess the least similar thinking traits as the founders.

A look through the general characteristics of Mensa members and we can find general lawyer and scientist traits. Mensa members generally look, talk and behave like lawyers and scientists.

<<There are different forms of Intelligence>>

The most basic form of intelligence is to recognize and match the patterns of a desire with the patterns of a solution that can resolve that desire-- this creates experience. Humans are intelligent because they can recognize patterns that they have experienced before.

Pattern recognition is not only present in basic traits of lawyers, scientists and investigators. The skill of pattern recognition is also found in common tasks such as-- art, fashion design, styling, cooking, writing, drama, film-making, language, music, hospitality etc. In the handling of these tasks, analysis, comprehension, reasoning, planning, abstract thinking, and handling of complexity are all required.

The questions in the Mensa test only tested specialized forms of intelligence, they do not test multiple forms of intelligence. It is unrealistic to proclaim a person's overall intelligence by testing only from *some* of the many forms of intelligence. This is not intelligent and adaptable(smart).

There were reports stating that Emotional Intelligence(EQ) is also part of Intelligence.

<<The test is ineffective to test intelligence>>

Mensa forbids people from taking the test more than twice, therefore, those who studied for the test have defeated the very purpose of the test. Studying for the test shifts intelligence-testing over to memory-testing and generates an inaccurate high IQ score. This shows people's desperation to think like Mensa's founders in order to get accepted into their club.

"It is not merely book learning, a narrow academic skill, or test-taking smarts."

The Mensa test itself also reveals an inaccurate form of intelligence testing by using the multiple choice format. Mensa even encourages the person taking the test to guess the answers, thereby miscalculating intelligence and adding flaws to an already flawed MCQ test.

"The most serious disadvantage is the limited types of knowledge that can be assessed by multiple choice tests. Multiple choice tests are best adapted for testing well-defined or lower-order skills. Problem-solving and higher-order reasoning skills are better assessed through short-answer and essay tests. However, multiple choice tests are often chosen, not because of the type of knowledge being assessed, but because they are more affordable for testing a large number of students. This is especially true in the United States where multiple choice tests are the preferred form of high-stakes testing."

MCQs require a simple tick and do not require the user to input defined reasons for choosing any specific answer, causing a vague rather than thorough testing of the individual.

Mensa even admits members based on SAT or GMAT scores-- the tests were not designed to test intelligence.

Some Mensa MCQ tests that are reused for testing individuals are highly susceptible to cheaters who can cheat by sourcing answers for the last few most difficult MCQ questions.

<<What is a Mensa member?>>

Mensa members are not better than others in terms of multiple forms of Intelligence, rather, they were tested to be better in only *some* of the many forms of Intelligence. People who do not score well to get in Mensa might be superior to Mensa members in other forms of intelligence.

In short, Mensa members think like lawyers. Their IQ score do not necessarily deem them to be better than the rest of the populace in overall intelligence.

<<Mensa is not effective in its roles>>

"Mensa's constitution lists three purposes:
to identify and to foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity;
to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence;
and to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members."

Mensa may have fulfilled the 3rd objective but it has done poorly in the first 2. It's elitist and ignorant mindset segregates itself from other forms of intelligence, to its own undoing. It is not a round-table society of minds. Mensa has over 110,000 members worldwide. I'm glad I am not part of it.

Update: Someone told me long ago that the IQ test was firstly developed by Alfred Binet who was a psychologist, but I was lazy to check. So, if it really matters to you, just replace the mentioned lawyers and scientists with psychologists. But it doesn't matter really, since psychologists are professionals who think like lawyers and scientists. They even have a 'Dr' to their name— they are the true doctors of the mind. So this edit can be considered an 'upgrade'.