Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The countless everyday things that can cause cancer that people don't realize

Many people don't understand the causes of cancer. They think that the way to eliminate cancer is to kill cancer cells. All these people think of cancer is to fight it like retards.

The real cause of cancer is the unnatural interference of the cells' reproduction. When cells don't reproduce properly, they mutate into abnormal cells that become cancerous. Everyone has in their body a very small amount of such abnormal mutated cells that did not copy properly.

The everyday things that can increase such cancerous cells in the bodies are things that interfere with the normal cell reproduction. Such factors range from the chemicals in skin and beauty products, the toxic pesticide and herbicide chemicals in food, the chemicals in meat, the electromagnetic radiation from cellphones and internet usage etc etc.

Many people especially women use lots of beauty products, which is why they have such a high number of breast cancer rate. People should cut down the number of chemical-filled products they buy from stores and not get caught up by beauty advertisements that only encourage people to keep on using those chemical-filled products like there's no tomorrow.

The ways to prevent cancer is to:
cut down the usage of such artificial ingredients in skin care products, 
eat more pesticide-free organic foods, 
use a wired earpiece for talking on phones, 
drink distilled water, 
wear slippers at home so that one's feet would not get into contact with the residue from floor detergent on the floor, 
swim only in clean water rather than the chlorine-rich swimming pool, 
prevent spraying perfume on the skin, 
use chemical-free sunblock, 
wear gloves when using kitchen cleaning spray,
eat less processed preserved foods,
take natural antibiotics such as colloidal silver rather than artificial medicine,
take lemon juice for sore throat rather than strepsils or cough syrup,
rinse and don't wash the dishes and pots with detergent if possible,
reduce using hair products with chemicals but use coconut oil instead,
use natural dyes for colouring the hair,
reduce using eye drops but use water instead,
avoid using lots of make up,
rinse the mouth with salt water and lemon juice instead of using mouth wash,
use colloidal silver lotion for pimples rather than overdose on pimple cream,
use cheap shampoo that contain natural ingredients,
use coconut oil for moisturiser rather than chemical-filled moisturisers,
use kid's toothpaste rather than adult toothpaste,
try not to wash the clothes so often that would only expose the skin to lots of chemicals from detergent,
try not to use chlorine to whiten the clothes,
coat hands with coconut oil to prevent chemicals from things like receipts from entering the skin,
use home made shaving cream instead of store bought ones,
use negative ion devices to prevent cancer,
eat less microwaved food,
use BPA-free plastic bottles and use more glass containers to store food,
reduce grilling and baking of food,
take frequent breaks to recover from one's exposure to chemicals and radiation by staying home and resting.