Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Analysis for Star Trek Discovery Episodes 1, 2 and 3

The morale of the story is that the gifted and brave(As Surek says to Burnham) should find a way to give help to those dumb, emotional and coward ones that need it. And it is a showcase of a woman who would take on such a role traditionally held by men to do it, which is further proven by her manly name. The so-called bad writing of the show as criticized by many watchers is not actually bad writing but a mere reflect of the reality helm mostly by stupid, coward and herd-mentality immature people in the Federation as we see from Episode 1.

Many people who watched the first 2 episodes of Discovery says it does not represent the Star Trek that they know. They are actually right technically. But this show is a prequel to the TNG and even the TOS. The humans depicted in this show are yet to be as evolved as the ones seen on series that happened on a later stardate. We see the Chief of Security being sarcastic and sleeping with the captain, things that would only happen in a mirror universe on Enterprise.

In the time period of Star Trek Discovery, people are affected by the stresses of War and there is no ship's counselor. We see people in their darkness hour, and perhaps be assisted by Burnham's Vulcan logic that will save the day?

The show is dark mainly due to the darkness of the human psyche as represented by their "immaturity".

Perhaps the show will evolve based on Burnham's Vulcan guidance to the Humans.

The show is good in that the characters' flaws and immaturity are well-depicted, so much so that it can be a pain to watch.

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