Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Study: Females who ate most liquid sucrose and liquid fructose faced above-average chance of dying

This recently published research study re-enforces my previous assumptions that high intake of glucose can lead to higher effects of glycation(destruction of the endothelium and accumulation of plaque) and therefore lead to higher risks of ischemic heart disease. This study finds that glucose and fructose consumed in the liquid form can more readily lead to increased risks of dying particularly from cardiovascular disease.

Study: High Fructose Intake Linked to Slightly Higher Risk of Death

"those who consumed lots of liquid sugar—from sodas, sports drinks, juices, etc.—had higher odds of dying of any cause (from cardiovascular disease, in particular). Why? It could be because sugars from beverages are rapidly absorbed, resulting in significant blood-sugar spikes, the scientists say."

"While this study just proved association, not causation, scientists do have a theory: Fructose produces "advanced glycation end-products," or AGEs, which may damage the walls of your arteries, encourage bad cholesterol to hang around"

"You don't, of course, have to give up fruit, which is a staple of any well-balanced diet. But you may want to cut back on your intake of other sources of fructose: fruit juices, soft drinks, preserves, applesauce, dried fruit, and candies."

5 Smart Steps to Cut Down On Sugar

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