Monday, June 16, 2014

Super Effective Weight Loss Tip #2 Satisfy Your Thirst Before Having Meals

Many overweight people don't really understand whether all the hunger they feel really comes from the need to eat food or the need to satisfy their thirst for fluids. If they confuse thirst with hungry, they might eat too much unnecessarily during meals and gain weight or keep weight on.

What I recommend is to drink a good amount of water right after waking up from bed in the morning. This not only gets the body hydrated, feel refreshed, and lessen the feeling of hunger, but it can also dilute the acidity in the stomach and prevent too much acidic reaction from digestion that could cause stomach discomforts. Many people don't realize that drinking water can prevent constipation.

Pure distilled water tastes really great and refreshing, and tastes the best in comparison to tap or filtered water, and having it on hand makes one want to drink it more often rather than the sugary drinks that can add unnecessary calories that can make one gain weight. It is best to get a water distiller rather than constantly buy bottled water from the supermarket.

Cold water requires the body to produce heat to warm it up to body temperature so the calories used for the heat production would also help one lose weight.

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