Monday, June 16, 2014

Super Effective Weight Loss Tip #6 Eat Only When You Are Hungry, Stop Sticking to Meal Times

Many overweight people who stick to meal times such as noon and 7 pm eat when they are not hungry. This can cause the premature intake of calories too soon, and such build-up of unneeded calories can cause weight gain.

Eating when one is not hungry can be the same as eating unnecessarily, which can cause weight gain.

When a person starts eating before hunger sets in, one might be prematurely taking in calories that might not yet be needed by the body especially for those who are already overweight. This can cause the conversion of unneeded calories into fat that gets stored in the body.

The trick to overcome this is to eat only when one is hungry. This means delaying a meal time until one is hungry. Instead of eating dinner at 7 when one is not yet hungry, one can delay the meal time and eat later when one feels hungry.

This method is not to starve oneself but to eat when one really feels the real need for calories.

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