Monday, June 16, 2014

Super Effective Weight Loss Tip #4 Replace Common Fatty Foods with Less Fatty Options

There are many foods rich in LCT fats(long chain triglycerides that are slow to metabolize and can increase weight and keep it on) that keep people over-weight. Some of these foods include mayonnaise, cheese, dairy milk, creamy pasta sauces, tomato sauce, gravy, ice-cream etc

Instead of mayonnaise, one can make home-made mayo with coconut oil and non-dairy milk. Add some coconut oil, unsweetened non-dairy milk, some garlic and vinegar or lemon juice in a big jar, then use a hand blender to turn it into creamy mayonnaise. I mentioned in weight loss tip #1 that coconut oil can create thermogenesis for weight loss, so this coconut oil mayo is a guilt-free weight-loss mayo. This hand blender technique can also be used to make coconut ice-cream, just leave out the garlic and vinegar and use stevia as a sweetener. Add strawberries to turn it into fruit ice-cream.

Instead of using dairy cheese for spaghetti and pasta, using nutritional yeast flakes that tastes the same without the high fat content. Just sprinkle onto pasta like parmesan cheese powder and it is good to go.

Instead of drinking dairy milk and yogurt high in fat, choose unsweetened non-dairy milk and yogurt.

Instead of relying on creamy sauces to flavor foods, use coconut mayo and fresh/dried Italian herbs and spices.

You can make your own tomato sauce with bottled tomato paste with dried Italian herbs, salt, vinegar, garlic and a little stevia for some sweetness.

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