Monday, June 16, 2014

Super Effective Weight Loss Tip #7 Replace French fries and mashed potatoes with mashed chickpeas(hummus)

Mashed potatoes are high glycermic Index foods with a GI score of 90 and above, meaning they can get converted to fat very easily. For effective weight loss, it is crucial to stick to low GI foods so that the calories can have more time to be utilized by the body instead of turning into fat too quickly.

Mashed chickpeas(hummus) have a GI score of around 30 and tastes just like French fries and mashed potatoes.

Soak dried chickpeas overnight for at least 8 hours, then boil for 15 to 20 mins until soft. Then process in a food processor. One can add salt, dried Italian herbs, ground black pepper and replace the fat with coconut oil. Add coconut cream to make it more creamy like having butter. Or you can add coconut mayo instead of sour cream for weight loss.

If you want to eat roasted potatoes or french fries, you can roast or fry them in coconut oil(that can cause weight loss) instead of regular oil.

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