Saturday, April 5, 2014

Fast and Easy Vegan Pasta Recipe: Macaroni and Cheese

This is a very simple pasta recipe that I bet many vegans already know how to make. But I just want to explain my own way of preparing it. Many people cook their cheese sauce but I just mix the nutritional yeast with the pasta water to make the sauce very quickly.

To make 2 servings, boil 250g of elbow pasta in a pot of boiling water. Add generous amount of salt to the water(as salty as the sea) and a splash of oil. Boil for 9 minutes stirring occasionally until al dente. Pour away most of the pasta water and leave about a 1/2 cm thickness of pasta water behind with the pasta.

Pour 30 g of nutritional yeast flakes, a sprinkling of dried Oregano herbs and a splash of oil directly into the pot with the warm pasta. Mix until there is a creamy sauce. You can add flax seeds and nori flakes too if you want. You can add some soy sauce or marmite as well.

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