Thursday, April 10, 2014

Singapore Tourism Board's Ad Video: Many Singaporeans Cannot Perceive in Abstract

In reply to the people who did not like the Singapore Tourism Board's promotion video made for the Philippines, I have some thoughts that shed light on the behaviour of those overly-critical Singaporeans.

I actually like the video that was taken down. It is not so rushing like the other commercials. It is suitable for romantic people who like things slow. Fault-finding people are those who do not have an exciting social/sex life so they cannot relate to the romantic themes in the video. And I have made and edited videos before unlike unqualified people who don’t have such experience.

Ads have to be dramatic enough like a musical performance to catch people's limited attention to deliver their message and it is successful in doing so. I see people saying that this ad is too exaggerated in its speech and acting yet people don't call out on live musicals, live plays and movies for portraying the actors' 'over-acting', which only means that those people are hypocritical in calling out one thing and not the other.

The video is more realistic unlike most of the superficial advertisements on TV. If people want to compare it against those fake ads on TV then it only shows how fake they are and distant from reality. People who have unexciting sex would compensate by being overly-demanding because they need more superficial stuff to make up for the lack of excitement in their lives.

The ad uses many abstract techniques compared to normal ads in many areas such the portion involving the pregnancy test kit. Do we blame art for being abstract? No. If the message of the ad can be clearly seen then I don’t see how the ad has failed.

I think the people who find it hard to perceive information in abstract are heavily lacking in imagination and creativity, and perceive the world mostly in a superficial level. So to them, they would think that abstract works are ‘badly done’.

The populace in Singapore is not well-known for being artistic, creative, imaginative and innovative as compared to the Filipinos. Singaporeans depend heavily on realism to earn a living and they lack the artistic skill to grasp abstract information without finding it abnormal.

Most Singaporeans are just lacking in imagination and creativity but are uptight, constricted and small-minded people.

Singer Stephanie Koh explains why she thinks Singaporeans lack creativity:

Why I am not proud to be Singaporean 

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