Friday, April 25, 2014

Going to Compete in the Braun Büffel Art Competition

I just received word that I have been approved to compete in the 3-hour Braun Büffel art competition set to be held at VivoCity on May 10. I can't wait to paint on a white Braun Büffel bull figurine and try my best to win the top prize inclusive of a trip to Germany and $2000. My $20 participation fee would be donated to Very Special Arts Singapore(VSA Singapore). I follow a vegan diet and I don't use animal products so I would not be using the complimentary leather accessory given to all participants.

There would be an auction for the contributed pieces from various regional artists and I hope they would receive high bids as all funds would be donated to VSA Singapore. My father used to heavily support disabled mouth-and-foot artists by buying their greeting cards so the competition would give me my turn at supporting a similar cause.

I will keep my choice of art technique a secret for now until the competition is over for obvious reasons. Completed pieces will get to be displayed publicly at the Esplanade Upper Concourse Area from 16 May (Fri) to 15 June (Sun), and ION Orchard Atrium L1 from 24 July (Thu) to 30 July (Wed).

I am very excited to see how my art piece would look while being displayed at such prominent locations, it would be similar to having my own art exhibition. I think I would surely spend hours at those places and take lots of pictures. Getting my art to be displayed in public is worthwhile even if I do not win any prizes.

I remember once thinking of going to art school but gave up such thoughts because I felt I couldn't make a career out of making the kind of art I like and going to art school for years would be a huge waste of time and money. The cost of art materials to complete just one common size painting can cost up to $100 for my preferred type of art technique so going on the art route is definitely not cheap. But I still do not regret skipping art school because I have really found much more important things to do with my life. I don't mind making art just as a hobby.