Thursday, September 1, 2016

Confusion about right amount of protein to consume RESOLVED!!

There has been much intense discussion regarding the right amount of protein intake for muscle-building in this group as well as in other websites. However, many have neglected to see the other numerous factors regarding muscle building. Protein, Exercise, And Factors Affecting Muscle Mass. Some factors and conditions are: protein intake energy intake cellular hydration intake of leucine in presence of sufficiency of other amino acids intake of glutamine in presence of sufficiency of other amino acids nervous stimulation Muscle stretch, Overtraining Testosterone (and anabolic steroids) Growth hormone Insulin-like growth factor one (IGF-I) Normal thyroid hormone Catecholamines (including synthetic ß-adrenergic agonist such as clenbuterol) Glucocorticoids Physical trauma, infection I will add the availability of enzymes in food and digestive track, as well as health of digestive track to the factors and conditions listed. Muscle building is not an upward curve. Muscle volume production does not always increase, it can suffer a reduction for many reasons such as skipping meals and illness. Studies have shown that doubling the daily allowance of protein intake with diet and exercise protects muscle loss- Those muscular people who promote moderate to low protein diet often are the ones who do not suffer much muscle loss due to their strict exercise and diet regime. However, many others do not have the luxury of having as much time and energy to focus on bodybuilding as the muscular people do. So, to compensate for the gaps in the lack of gym time and sufficient diet, a doubling of protein intake would protect against the loss of muscle while the individual can still carry on after the lapse in gym and diet to fullfill his/her bodybuilding goals. So to sum it all up, one needs less protein if he/she is lucky to frequent the gym and kitchen. One needs much more protein if he/she is less lucky in such areas. Problem solved, have a nice day!
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