Monday, February 17, 2014

IQ Intelligence Scoring -- Lynn's Flawed Cold Winters Theory Can Support Notion that Ugly People are More Intelligent than Good-Lookers?

Lynn's Cold Winters Theory is about a theory that White people living in cold climates have evolved their intelligence over time to deal with cold winters as compared to Black people living in hot climates assuming they don't need to do so.

However, I think that Black people living in hot climates also needed to evolve their intelligence/brains to adapt to other environmental conditions(besides cold winters) such as natural disasters, lack of food and interpersonal conflict. So this theory is heavily flawed and over-generalizing for the entire human population.

Cold Winters and the Evolution of Intelligence
Lynn's theory of the evolution of intelligence does not fit the facts.

Nations and intelligence

Lynn's Cold Winters Theory that assumes a specific group of people to be more intelligent than other groups is just as overly-assuming that all East-Asians are more intelligent than all White people.

Race and IQ - The IQ data is out - in Danish television - YouTube.flv..

Are Ugly People More Intelligent than Good-Looking People?

The logic in the Cold Winters theory is similarly bizarre as implying that ugly people have evolved their intelligence to deal with their less favourable physical conditions compared to good-looking people who don't need as much intelligence to survive in life.

We all have heard about the dumb blond jokes and know where such assumptions originate. Even supermodels have been linked to such assumptions that the Beautiful don't need to try as hard as ugly people to survive in life.

Minority of Good-Lookers Leads to Rarity of Intelligence Expression

Perhaps there are many good-looking people who are intelligent but don't get a high chance to get spotted for their intelligence in many areas in society because such areas usually contain lots of ugly people, so the minority good-looking ones would find it much harder to get well-spotted even if they express their intelligence alongside with the ugly-looking people. This could be the reason why there are so few good-lookers spotted in many key intelligent areas in society.

Logical Fallacies in Correlating Intelligence with Superficial Features

There are many good-looking people that are more intelligent than people who are born autistic and ugly, so the theory that puts ugly-looking people to be more intelligent than good-lookers is inconsistent and flawed.

Ugly people can also undergo plastic surgery to look like supermodels yet such a procedure cannot lower their intelligence during the process. So one's superficial good-looking appearance cannot be correlated to one's mental intelligence.

Gangnam Style TOP Plastic Surgery, Best Before and After - South KOREA SEOUL

But one can counter such an argument by saying that a bigger brain that creates an average-looking face would be more intelligent than a good-looking streamlined face that is formed with a smaller brain size. But yet there are research showing that brain size is not related to intelligence.


I think intelligence can be found in a group of ugly-people as well as in another group of good-looking people. Stupidity can also be found in a group of ugly-people as well as in another group of good-looking people. Stupidity is as wide spread in different physical forms as intelligence also is wide spread in different physical forms.

Assuming that there is a direct correlation of intelligence with physical appearance would not be accurate to realize the truth of how things really are.

The non-material nature of mind does not have to be closely linked to the material nature of the body.

Can Intelligence Evolve in Nature?

There is still the unanswered question of whether Intelligence can evolve over time in nature. No one can really know because the genetics of humans on Earth might have been altered by alien beings so there is no clear way to test for a correlation between Intelligence and environmental factors.

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