Sunday, February 16, 2014

The first introductory post for this blog

I recently wrote about the social and political climate in Denmark while debunking its status of being the "happiest nation" in the world from a global ranking that I also explained to be heavily flawed. What I wrote was endorsed by a Danish book-writer and that got me thinking about sharing what I write to more people.

I am currently 32 years old(but still look 22 due to great health) and living in tropical Singapore. I first got into serious writing in the local newspapers about local politics in the early 2000s most notoriously dealing with Free Speech and government negligence of handicap accessibility in key public areas. I stopped writing and dealing with local politics after a few years and moved on to research about the meaning of life and Happiness that was spurred by the huge increase in books with such topics in bookstores. I later self-published my findings to experience self-publishing that was becoming popular a few years ago.

While in 2007, I assisted a local international school's debate team to win the finals at a national debating tournament that was telecast on national TV.

The research in the meaning of life that ended in late 2007 eventually got me heavily interested in Spirituality in the following year. Since then, I have been researching about the greater spiritual reality and have accumulated lots of insights that most people are not aware of. I realized that what most people on this planet knows about spirituality is only at the surface level, there is a much greater spiritual reality that is beyond the public's knowledge. My level of consciousness has since then evolved into becoming more powerful to handle the bigger picture of reality.

Throughout the last 5 years, I have also researched and accumulated lots of information on other topics such as nutritional health, anti-aging methods, weight-loss methods, natural cures for various diseases, sports nutrition, nature of various emotions, positive psychology, sociology, sexuality, energy-saving methods, money-saving methods, Intelligence, flaws in IQ-testing, culture, vegan cooking, art, video-making, video-editing, music remixing. I have also recently debunked lots of flawed diets, faulty scientific studies, false social notions etc and I hope to publish them all in this blog.

My hobbies are: listening to music, making art, beauty appreciation, making fan music videos, spiritual exploration, spending time with nature, exploring new cultures and trying foods from other cultures, and investigations in the supernatural as well as UFOs and aliens.

I have had experiences during my dream-time state of encountering different species of aliens as well as being assisted by spiritual beings in my own life. Such experiences no doubt have enabled me the ability to relate to other people's encounters of such similar experiences and made me somehow of a believer in such beings.

I hope this new writing journey will bring me closer to my goals of experiencing more of the greater spiritual reality while getting more out of life, and I wish to share such a journey with the readers who would visit this blog.