Sunday, June 1, 2014

Religion as mind leading/controlling parasite

I saw a video lecture by Lone Frank a while ago about religion being a form of cognitive parasite. I recently saw a TV show on YouTube about how people around the world were mind controlled in cults. The two videos gave me the insight that religion is something that people who lack leadership would follow, because such people cannot think for themselves and lack purpose of life, and need something substantial to lead and guide them on what to do in life. So these people follow a god-like figure that has seemingly great leadership to guide them on how to live life, what to hope for, what purpose in life to follow, how to treat people, how to react to certain things, how to think, how reality is etc

I think religion is more specifically a kind of a leadership parasite, it is a form of external 'foreign' leadership that can lead whoever wants to be led/controlled by it. Religious followers are like aimless clueless kids who need a parent figure to guide them on what to do in life and how to do them. People who are very religious allow themselves to very easily believe what their religion tells them to think and do. Surrendering to God is to give up more of one's own leadership to follow the lead of a God figure. People who lack leadership skills commonly lack critical thinking skills and they very often do not question the religious doctrine that leads them. They are similar to impressionable young teens who easily get influenced to follow certain fashion and diet trends without the life experience to know exactly what they are following.

Denmark does not have a strong nation of religious people compared to Americans, this could reflect the Danes' higher level of leadership ability.

I think childhood does have a big role in creating such people who lack leadership ability. Parents who often command their children to follow their instructions and do not encourage their kids to think for themselves could cause their kids to lack leadership ability and easily fall prey to leadership parasites.

Research have found those who follow religion to have lower rates of heart disease, are happier and live longer. Allowing one to have good bearings in life would obviously reduce much stress of facing the unknown.