Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Reason for Sexual Desire and Why There are Straights, Gays and Bisexuals

The Reason for Sexual Desire

A person's/soul's cause of sexual desire is actually based on 3 factors: its perception of another person's physical compatibility, its inability to perceive/imagine how it feels like to physically be as that person within that body, and its intense curiosity of how it feels like to be within that body.

The Reason for Heterosexual Attraction

A straight man with lots of dominating/masculine energy and lack of submissive/feminine energy would already have the ability to imagine being physically as another man, but he would have great inability to imagine how it feels like to physically be as a submissive/feminine woman, which fuels his intense physical curiosity for the woman's body. Because he perceives the submissive/passive/feminine energy from a woman to be compatible to function with his mostly dominating/masculine energy, he finds the woman to be physically(and mentally) compatible, this is why we often hear of how a partner can 'complete' another partner in a relationship. This also the same way for a straight woman's sexual attraction to a man. Straight couples function in a relationship of very contrasting domination/masculine with submissive/feminine qualities.

The Reason for Homosexuality

A gay man who is physically attracted to another gay man would find his physical body to be immensely compatible but is unable to imagine/perceive how it feels like to be as that person in that male body, which creates the excitement and deep desire to physically explore the other person's male body.

Because gay men have some qualities of dominating/masculine and submissive/feminine energies, they would find other gay men who also have both qualities to be compatible to them. Even though gay men are already in male bodies but because their existing bodies are either too physically effeminate or too physically masculine, they desire to imagine/perceive being in male bodies that are either more masculine/muscular or less masculine(effeminate) than theirs, so this explains why masculine/muscular gay men prefer effeminate partners, and why effeminate gay men prefer masculine/masculine partners.

If a gay man lacks the ability to imagine the quality of domination/masculinity, he might become the 'bottom'(the one that is fucked) to experience the dominating quality from his partner. If he lacks the ability to imagine the quality of submission/femininity, he might become the 'top'(the one who fucks) to experience the submissive quality from his partner.

Many males who take up bodybuilding have deep curiosity of being within a more masculine/muscular body, many of such curious males often have deep physical/sexual attraction to males.

Gay men would not feel physically/sexually attracted to women nor have intense curiosity of being in their female bodies because they can already imagine/perceive how it feels like to physically be as them in their female bodies, perhaps due to their submissive/feminine qualities that they already possess or they have lots of past life experiences of being women. So gay men would not have curiosity for female bodies but they would have deep curiosity for male bodies because they still have much difficulty imagining how it feels like to be within a male body.

This example for gay men also applies to gay/lesbian women.

The Reason for Transexuality

Some male transexuals who undergo sex change do so because they feel a deep relation to being within a female body, which might be due to lots of past life experiences of being in female bodies. They do not wish to venture into a type of compatible male-to-male body relationship but wish to revert back to being within a relationship that has more of a contrasting quality of female-with-male body relationship.

The Reason for Bisexuality

Bisexuals are those who lack the ability to imagine being physically in both male and female bodies, so they are deeply curious to explore both types of bodies in a physical/sexual way.

Sex is Not Always Necessary to Imagine Being Physically as Another Person

People who perceive the world superficially or are still functioning at a low level of frequency(perspective) and vibration(clarity) are those who need to use intimate sexual practices as a way to gain such perspective of being in another person's body. People who already have a higher frequency and vibration are more mentally advanced(psychic) and do not require sexual intimacy to imagine how it feels like to physically be as someone else, they are less superficial so they can connect to others in a deeply energetic manner without needing sexual intimacy to imagine how it physically feels like to be as them.

The Reason for Child Sex Pedophilia

The reason why there are pedophiles who desire to have sex with young children is because they feel the children bodies' to be very compatible to their own bodies. Because they have much difficulty imagining being in the child bodies(perhaps due to a dysfunctional childhood), they have deep curiosity for being within such child bodies. If they are desperate enough to fulfill such feelings of intense physical compatibility and intense curiosity through sex, then they would desire to have sex with children.

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