Friday, March 7, 2014

What High Frequency and High Vibration Are Really About

There are many superficial fake spiritual people who assume wrongly about what "high frequency" and "high vibration" energies are. They assume that high frequency is about being 'high', 'pure', sophisticated, refined and they seek to avoid ugly worldly things. But they have assumed this wrongly because they are perceiving from a small and low-frequency perspective and cannot see the bigger picture of what high frequency and high vibration really are.

What is High Frequency?

Many superficial fake spiritual people assume that a high frequency means a high quality kind of frequency but they are wrong. For example, a 50 Hz wave is not just a single wave but it is made up of 50 cycles of waves oscillating together. So in the case of 50 Hz being referred to as "high frequency", it is not about 'height' but it is about the large quantity of 50 waves that makes 50Hz "high" in energy oscillations.

So "high frequency" is actually about a broad quantity of waves and not about the quality of waves.

Souls came to the Earth plane in order to experience the physical human reality. They want to experience a broad range of human experiences. In this case, souls want to experience a broad quantity of human experiences. For superficial fake spiritual people to assume that souls only want to experience a very limited "high class" and "high quality" kind of sophisticated stylish life is to think that souls only want to experience a very small range of human experience.

If experiencing a "high quality" and "high class" way of life can get a soul to ascend to a higher dimension, then all the rich snobs and royalty people who experience their "high class" sophisticated stylish way of life would be the first to ascend out of the human plane. If this is true then pigs can fly to space and get their asses frozen.

High frequency in this case means a broad/large quantity of various kinds of human experiences.

What is High Vibration?

After a soul has experienced a high or broad frequency/range of human experiences, putting the different experiences together(like a jigsaw puzzle) through contemplation(meditation) to perceive the truer bigger reality would create a high clarity of understanding and consciousness. This high level of clarity would create the "high vibration" that is produced from the assembling of the random experiences/information being put into one big whole.

While high frequency is referring to a broad range of experiences, high vibration/clarity is the actual one that is actually referring to the quality of understanding/consciousness/enlightenment.

I have mentioned before that vibration comes from clarity, and frequency comes from perspective.

Fake Spiritual People Get Stuck Like Always

Fake spiritual people often lack courage and are afraid of experiencing a diverse range of human experiences. This is why they get stuck in their spiritual evolution and cannot ascend. This is why Dolores Cannon's Source mentioned that most people on Earth are bogged down by Karma and the volunteer souls are needed to come here to help them get off their Karma that is caused by them being stuck in their limited range/frequency perspective.

The Fake Spiritual People vs The Real Spiritual People

The fake spiritual people think that spiritual people cannot act human and talk naturally, but have to restrict themselves by restricting their human interactions and experiences. This would only cause them to experience less than what their souls desire, which will only cause their souls to desire to come back to the Earth plane to experience more of the human life that they missed out. This is why the fake spiritual people have 'karma' that gets them stuck to the Earth plane. They are not ascending out of here as fast as possible like what true spiritual people are doing by following their curiosity to experience a broad/diverse range of human experiences.

True and real spiritual people are constantly trying to experience as broad a range of human experiences as possible. They interact with people a lot and use their immense curiosity to seek out what they want to know more about.

In comparison, the fake spiritual people suppress themselves and become very uptight and retarded. I have mentioned before of how Valery Uvarov mentioned that many spiritual teachers died of cancer. And I commented that it is because they suppressed themselves so much that their high internal conflict caused their self-destruction.

Many past spiritual teachers died of cancer (57:20)
Project Camelot interviews Valery Uvarov: Part 1 of 2

Frequency and Vibration Cannot be Intentionally 'Kept' High or Dip Low Like a Yo-Yo

When some fake spiritual people advise others to keep their frequency and vibration 'high', I laugh at their stupidity, naivety and ignorance. If frequency and vibration can be kept high, wouldn't it mean that they can also dip low? This is just wildly nonsensical self-assuming bullshit that comes from low frequency fake spiritual people who perceive spirituality from a small limited point of view.

A person's frequency/perspective and vibration/clarity cannot be intentionally 'kept' high. Frequency and vibration is progressed to a certain level through the long accumulation of frequency/perspective and the hard work to increase vibration/clarity. The level of frequency and vibration is quite fixed and cannot rise up or down like a flexible yo-yo.

Fake spiritual people like to think that frequency and vibration can be raised very quickly and easily because they are small-minded and lazy to think that spiritual progression is fast and easy. But hell no. Frequency and vibration can take a very long time to be increased.

The Bible Compares the Real and the Fake Spiritual People

In the bible, Jesus mentioned that the prostitutes will be the first to ascend to heaven while the false teachers will be the last. The last will be first and the first will be last. This is referring to the people who experience diverse human experiences compared to the ones who restrict themselves.

The real spiritual people will ascend first and the fake spiritual people will ascend last! The repressed fake spiritual people are so full of self-assumed false bullshit!