Friday, March 7, 2014

Working Hypothesis on How to Achieve the 2 Forms of Happiness

Here are some new alterations I have done for my working hypothesis for Happiness concentrating on including the new Courage factor to deal with Fear. I have previously written out a hypothesis on achieving Happiness in an article called "The 4 Factors of Happiness". I have changed some old ways of explanations in some parts. I have also included the way to achieve long term Happiness. Any comment and suggestion is welcomed.

As explained before, I perceive concepts in mental models that would easily lose some meaning upon translation into the written language. Their structures can also be easily changed drastically with the input of additional information that would then require totally new translations for up-to-date accuracy. I could have chosen not to write them out since the original intact information are already in my head for my own benefit but I choose to do so for the sake of others. So the things I have written in my group updates or anywhere else — people reading them can choose to take it or leave it.

To feel short term feelings of happiness
- one must already have ability to feel harmony/peace to maintain balance and focus
- one must have some liberation such as those of money/skills/influence/connection to be confident that one can change things and resolve restrictions to gain liberation
- one must have intense curiosity that would lure one to resolve certain restrictions
- one must have true kind of courage to effectively resolve restrictions and fears leading to liberation that is the feelings of happiness

To feel sustainable feelings of happiness
- one must hold on to long term hopes of a happy future that would constantly bias one to perceive positivity/harmony in life. Such hopes can bias one to desire to increase one's existing liberation to prepare oneself to experience the future happiness that comes with a higher level of harmony

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