Friday, March 7, 2014

What is Spirituality — Many People's False Assumptions of Spirituality

Many fake spiritual people think that being spiritual is just about knowing how to practice being good/liberating/harmonious. However, this is not true. Fake spiritual people perceive in their low frequency perspective and are ignorant of the higher truth.

Being spiritual is actually to have a good grasp of duality and know how to practice the ways of good/liberation as well as the ways of bad/evil/restriction/negative.

A being that is very spiritually-advanced has already experienced and understood the dual nature of the low frequency dimension that contains the energies of good/liberation as well as the energies of bad/restriction. A truly spiritually advanced being would therefore be well-versed in creating liberation/good as well as in creating restriction/evil.

Both liberation and restriction are meant to be practiced to fulfill their own necessary required function in the Universe. If something is restricted, a spiritually-advanced being would know how to unblock the restricted energy and liberate it. If something is too liberated or out of control, a spiritually advanced being would also know how to restrict it to bring it under control.

Low frequency people are usually low frequency in their perspective. They assume that everything in the Universe has to be liberating aka 'good'. They perceive that anything that promotes restriction/negative is unwelcomed. For example, if waters that are too liberated are not stopped then it would cause chaos.

So the practice of restriction/bad/evil/negative are also needed to be practiced even by spiritual people.

When low frequency people that are out of control get to experience being lectured/restricted/disciplined, they would perceive any restrictions on them to be unwelcome and associate such restrictions as being non-spiritual, evil and negative. They perceive certain unwanted things/truth/information/reaction to be restrictive and they also name such qualities as 'negative'. But they are right on, their low frequency dumbass shit holes needs to be severely restricted and negated.

This is how the Bible describe the false teachers who think they themselves are righteous/good but instead are superficial shitholes — they assume that Jesus who tried to restrict their false teaching as being an evil and 'negative' person.

Any low-frequency fake spiritual person who experience being restricted would assume such restrictions as being unwelcomed and evil. But they are actually right, the other party is really being evil/restrictive.

But the low frequency fake spiritual people often need to be severely restricted otherwise their stupid, wilfully-ignorant, self-assuming, egotistically practices would cause chaos on the world.

I have restricted many of such low-frequency, willfully-ignorant, fake spiritual people in their misdeeds and they have accused me of being evil/restrictive/negative. But they are right because they need to have shit dumped right onto their faces.

Being spiritual is to know what is really going on in the bigger truer picture and to act according to what needs to be done, even if it means to dump shit on the faces of low frequency people who think they know much but actually knows shit. They are actually empty heads that are very easy to be dealt with.

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